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Are you trying to check how much customers will be willing to pay for a product or company deal you are about to launch? For this, you could form lengthy internet forms and deploy them. Or, more conveniently, you could use HowMutch.


HowMutch is a free to use web service that asks people a simple question: “How much would you pay for X?” Mostly X will be things used by companies and upcoming products. But the X can be anything: a product, a dare, and activity. For example, “How much would someone have to pay you to lick a subway pole?” Once you enter your amount, it is matched with other responses to the same question and a comparison of your price versus the median price is shown.


The service is quite simple and offers a free alternative to the kind of research companies usually pay for. To post a question, all you have to do is link your Facebook account to the site.

Key Features:

  • A user friendly website
  • Asks how much would you pay for a certain product or dare
  • Compares your response with the median price
  • Lets you post your own questions

Check out HowMutch @ via TechCrunch

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