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ncaaHeadHey sports fans! How many of you watch your sports online nowadays? It sure is convenient and a awesome option in case you can’t TiVo the game.

For those of you that do not know what NCAA stands for, chances are this post is NOT for you! The National Collegiate Athletic Association has some great college basketball going on and you want to watch NCAA games online for free do you?

Well there are a bunch of free alternatives to watching the games on the old boob tube. We will take a look at two of them.

Our first option is That is the NCAA’s on demand site.

If you browse on over there you will see this:

watch ncaa games online


So if you want to be emailed and have access to all the NCAA games starting from the first round all the way to the NCAA championships simply fill out the form above. Once you do that you will see this confirmation:

watch ncaa games online

You can click here to forward this information on to your buddies.  Seeing as I can’t show you this year’s games as they have not started yet, here is a peak at what the service has looked like before:

watch ncaa games online freely

You get the full action on your computer or mobile device and best of all you can hit that magic boss button at the top right hand side of the screen to minimize your action and display a fake Excel-like spreadsheet. I don’t think that would satisfy my boss but hey maybe you work for a pushover (or a dummy!)

Here is what that boss key brought up last year. Maybe it will stay the same, maybe it won’t. But their press release has already stated that the boss button will still be present.

ncaa basketball games watch online

If you look closely you will see it is a spreadsheet with details about NCAA’s Video On Demand service! How funny is that? Why not a chart of women’s breast sizes? That would be just as relevant wouldn’t it :)

And if we take another look at the video window we will also see a perpetual score at the top of the video, buttons to hide the video or audio, a stats button (this is something every fan will love!) and a button to share the video with others.

ncaa basketball games watch online

Another advantage to watching online instead of regular television, besides the fact you can do it at work, is that you can click around the web while you are doing it. You can look up facts or even save the video for another viewing.

I wonder if the option is available for Pro games? Not likely huh? They need to make their money somewhere right? How about advertising online on the side of the game? That has to be a viable option. Maybe we will start to see that soon.

Another option for catching NCAA games online for free requires a little technical knowhow and a sling box. But if you have a Sling Box at home chances are you don’t need me telling you how to use it! It allows you to watch your TV at home over the internet.

Do you know of any other ways to watch sports online? If so, let us know in the comments.

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