How To Use Facebook’s Conversion Tracking Tool [Weekly Facebook Tips]

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If you run any sort of business and occasionally use Facebook’s advertising campaigns, you already know that there are many ways to track the popularity of the advert and keep track of how well it’s doing. Large businesses have had access to many sophisticated tracking tools for a while now. But now, Facebook have released a couple of new tools to smaller businesses and individuals which are worth taking a closer look at.

The new conversion tracking tools will track pixels in order to record consumer actions on adverts. Actions recorded will include things such as registrations for competitions. Another new tool is the ability to optimise your advert to be targeted to the people who click or view adverts the most. With these new tools available to you, you’re sure to get more value for money when advertising on Facebook.

What Is Conversion Tracking?

Facebook’s conversion tracking allows you to keep track of your Return On Investment (ROI) from Facebook adverts by compiling a report of what people do after viewing the ads. The tracking pixels can be added to websites outside of Facebook, where the conversions happen.

Sign Up For Conversion Tracking

Head to the Adverts section of Facebook, by using the link from your home page. Then choose “Conversion Tracking” from the left menu and click on “Create Conversion Pixel“. When you’ve read and accepted the terms and conditions you can proceed with creating your own conversion pixels.

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Creating Conversion Pixels

Each conversion pixel can be used to track many different actions (checkouts, registrations, leads, key page view, adds to cart, or other website conversions). You should choose which of these are important for you to record, then create a conversion pixel for each category.

You will receive a JavaScript code snippet, which needs to go in the header of a unique page where the conversions may be tracked. For instance, if you’re tracking checkout numbers, you would put the code on the page shoppers see after their purchase is confirmed. You should only track one category of conversions per page, otherwise the results will be misleading.

Start Tracking Conversions

You can track conversions of Facebook adverts by using an existing advert or by creating a new advert. Depending on which way you edit or create your advert, in the “Creative” section or “Campaign, Pricing, and Schedule” section you will see an option to “Track conversions on my website for this ad” which will allow you to choose which tracking pixels to use for this advert.

Using Optimised CPM

Whenever you create or edit an advert, you will see the option to use optimised CPM in the pricing section. You will be able to make a choice for each advert depending on your budget and goals.

Learn More About Facebook Advertising

For more great tips about advertising on Facebook, take a browse through the Facebook Business page, learn how to place an advert on Facebook and make your Facebook page more interesting. Also, take a look at some great alternatives to advertising which you may not have thought of.

Privacy Concerns With Facebook Tracking

If you are an individual trying to avoid Facebook collecting information about you with these new tracking measures, read these articles on how to stop Facebook from tracking you online and how to block most social networks from tracking you.

Are you tracking your conversions for Facebook adverts? How has it helped you?

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I have started using FB conversion tool to track registrations on my website. Somehow the number of registrations shown using FB tracking tool doesn’t match the number of registration our internal system shows. What can be the problem? I am only tracking registrations on one part of my website.

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