How To Use Facebook Login Approvals & Code Generator [Android]

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facebook logo 300x300   How To Use Facebook Login Approvals & Code Generator [Android]The other day I showed you how to secure your Facebook account. One very effective way to protect your account is to enable Facebook login approvals. Once enabled, you will need to enter a security code if you want to log into your account from a new device. The code is sent to your primary mobile phone number.

However, you can also use Code Generator on your Android phone or tablet to ‘manually’ generate a code. This articles shows you how it works.

Why Enable Login Approvals?

Login Approvals is an extra security layer that will make it harder for someone to hack your Facebook account. Not only do they need to hack your password, they also need to either get hold of your mobile phone to receive the security code or hack that code to access your account. The code is needed to access Facebook from a device that wasn’t previously authorized.

Moreover, when someone attempts to log into your account from another computer, you will indirectly be notified as a security code is sent to your mobile.

Enabling Login Approvals

You can enable Login Approvals within your Facebook Security Settings. Facebook needs a mobile phone number to be on record for this security feature to work. Update your Mobile Settings with a number you have access to.

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After you have successfully enabled Login Approvals, be sure to keep your Mobile Settings up to date, always have an authorized device as a backup to log in and change your settings, and set up an App Password for Facebook apps that are not eligible for Login Approvals.

Facebook Login Approval Success   How To Use Facebook Login Approvals & Code Generator [Android]

Setting Up Code Generator

Before you can proceed with setting up Code Generator, you need to install the Facebook for Android app.

Once you installed the app, you can launch it to activate Code Generator. Note that you will need a security code to log into Facebook for Android. After logging in with your password, a code will be sent to your mobile. You are then asked to log in again, using the code instead of your password.

Facebook for Android Login Approval   How To Use Facebook Login Approvals & Code Generator [Android] Facebook Security Code   How To Use Facebook Login Approvals & Code Generator [Android]

For current instructions from Facebook, log into your Facebook account on your computer, go to Login Approvals, click Set up Code Generator, and click the Next button in the window that pops up. Either way, it’s super simple.

In the Android app, click the settings button in the top left, scroll down and click Account, then click Code Generator, and select Add App. When you subsequently open the app, you need to Activate it.

Activate Code Generator   How To Use Facebook Login Approvals & Code Generator [Android]

When you successfully activated Code Generator on your Android device, it will be listed as an option for security code delivery under Security Settings in your Facebook account. This is also where you can remove and hence disable Code Generator.

Facebook Security Code Delivery Options   How To Use Facebook Login Approvals & Code Generator [Android]

The next time you want to access Facebook on a new device and cannot receive a text message, for example because you don’t have a signal or you switched SIM cards, you can use Code Generator instead. Simply open your Facebook app, go to the Settings button in the top left, scroll down to click Code Generator and a current code will be shown.

Facebook Code Generator Security Code   How To Use Facebook Login Approvals & Code Generator [Android]

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Have you set this up for your account?

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Kyem Ghosh

even google account is having this kind of secure login… But it is much easier in facebook cz the text msg reaches very fast, within a few seconds of the click. But google takes a bit long time….

Andri Agassi

My experience is the exact opposite, I received Facebook SMS in a day, as with Google it’s only 1-2 seconds.


Might have to do with the provider through which the notifications are sent. I haven’t tried Google, but Facebook arrives in seconds.



explained in a great way with screenshots !!


Evelyn Randall

I have been hacked with unsightly pron. pictures that was sent to all my friends.


kalleya marut

I have been trying Loging my Facebook id from past 5 days, but, I couldn,t get through it. They Just Show me that your Acccount has been Temporarily Locked. I even tried to reset my Facebook Password but was of no use.
Suggest me the solutions to Unlock My Facebook Account.


kelly w

I was trying to set this up today for my iPhone (as offered on Facebook). But now I’m in limbo, because, mid-setup, the code generator isn’t showing up on my iPhone. Any suggestions?

kelly w

ooh! I had to update iPhone. working now. :]



i wants to open account our hotel jaipur heritage but some problem like so pl.
help me how can i open my account.



What exactly is the problem? Wait, do not post here! This question, including all details, is best asked on MakeUseOf Answers.


Bandhan Shariar

I set up login approvals in my facebook id.I also make my computer recognize..But a few days ago i set up my computer.So after finishing my setup i am going to log in to facebook.But they now want security codes..Well thats good..But the codes didn’t coming to my phone yet…So what i have to do now??..I have already tried severel times …But the codes didn’t coming in my phone..Please suggest something…My facebook id is so expensive for me…..So i request u to suggest me something for recover my facebook id…


You had to use a code sent to your phone when you set up login approvals. Did that work? If yes, then login approvals are enabled. If no, you can probably still disable it if you manage to get into your profile on a recognized device.

In any case, try a computer and browser where your Facebook login information is stored. It shouldn’t require a security code there and you may be able to fix or turn off login approvals.

If that doesn’t work, try to recover your account following the options Facebook gives you. There must be an option for not having access to the security phone number.

Bandhan Shariar

actually i recognize mine laptop for facebook login approvals..But a few days ago i setup my laptop and for that’s why i have no information for my facebook id in my laptop.And then i setup a new browser.Then i tried to log in in my facebook id..Then told me that a security code was sent to my phone..But i didn’t get any code yet.I tried many times but i was failed.I don’t find anyway to recover my id…Please tell me ..My account is too much expensive for me..There’s a lot of celebrity of BANGLADESH..who are friend with me in facebook.Between I run three facebook Pages..And two groups..Hope you understand how impotant my account is!…If u help me in this I really so thankfull to you…

Bandhan Shariar

thank you…a lot..


Completely Frustrated

Keep getting the “Your current Firefox settings might make it hard to use login approvals.” error.

Gmail was easy to initiate this as was twitter but Facebook is a complete fail. Checked all settings, cookies not being erased, all other issues Facebook says cause it are taken care of and still the same stupid notice that blocks progress. Also I have tried to do this from 3 computers, my phone, and ipad and still the same stupid notice. After 2 weeks its just ridiculous.
I am in a country where hacking of facebook is a serious issue and want this feature, but is Facebook really so Big Brother that they want to prevent me from using the security because they think it might “make it hard”. Just let me use it you idiots and I will worry about the difficulties. Sheesh.

Does anyone, please know a way to bypass the “helpfulness” of the morons at Facebook and actually enable this Login Approval feature?


I don’t use an iPhone or an android device? What do I do :/ Can this work with my Nokia 3310?


Is there a Facebook app for this device? If not, then it’s impossible.


i had the same issues as with you before , and it took me 3 days to set up this login approval …. try to use google chrome browser but you have to be logged in (google) when you set up your FB login approval …



login approval sms message is not going through , i checked with the mobile service provider and they said all is ok on their part , last sms message i received was 14 hrs after i logged in , so its already spoiled and useless as i have logged out , in boredom of waiting. after that its been more than 24 hours and still no code was sent, has anyone SUFFERED same fate as with me? , i dont think its the mobile carriers fault… my hunch is theres a system glitch or problem with FB messaging system.. i hope its temporary , first chance i get i will activate this code generator



Hope it was just a glitch. I heard that it took a few hours for an SMS to get through for some people, but it should not take longer than the code is valid for. Never took longer than a few minutes for me.

Are you trying to set up the Login Approvals Code Generator for Android? With that you can create the codes yourself on the go and wouldn’t have to wait for a text message. Worth a thought for the future.


after waiting for long hours like that , i MUST set up this generator :)



i didn’t get my Security Code


It can take some times for the code to get through. There shouldn’t be a large delay, but the other day I had to wait for several hours. If you haven’t received it after 24 hours though, something is definitely wrong.

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