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portable applications for mac and windows

Today I want to go through a bunch of amazing resources from where you can get tons of free portable applications which can be installed or simply unpacked on any external storage device(USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drives and etc). Once you get your favorite programs on a USB stick or something similar you can use them from your office, school, friend’s PC, etc. It’s in a way like taking software part of your computer wherever you go, it can be your firefox(incl. your settings and bookmarks), email program(with all the settings), office program, games, media player, image editor and lots more.

Being able to install Firefox (review Firefox - The Recommended Web Browser Firefox - The Recommended Web Browser Read More ) as a portable application is already something awesome and compelling because, similarly to regular version portable one can also utilize any of available firefox extensions, making it much more then just a browser. I mean it’s just a USB stick but possibilities are literally limitless, for instance installing greasemonkey addon Greasemonkey Makes Firefox Unbeatable Greasemonkey Makes Firefox Unbeatable Read More on your portable firefox will let you do almost anything from downloading youtube videos to removing ads from favorite websites(myspace). Or add to it recently discussed gspace addon and you’ll be able to use your gmail account as online storage tool from any computer. more, more and more ….

Where to get free portable software?

There are many websites where you can get all sorts of portable applications, and mostly free. Two of the most popular resources for windows users are and Check them out, in case you like something and feel like trying out simply download program on your PC and unpack it into your external device. also has portable apps suite, all-in-one tool that incorporates a firefox web browser, thunderbird email client, openOffice office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, sudoku game, backup utility and integrated menu, all preconfigured to work portably, definitely something good to start with.

When it comes to MAC users a bunch of resources available as well, have a look at – OS X Portable Applications(approx. 25 programs) if you find nothing interesting there check out some of the other options I have listed below.


More Portable Applications for Windows:

More for Mac:

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