How to Turn Off the New Smooth Scrolling Feature in Chrome

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Google Chrome just updated to version 49, which introduced smooth scrolling into the browser, among other features. This makes scrolling down a webpage, especially with a mouse wheel, a less jerky experience by sliding the screen instead of moving it in chunks.

Most other browsers already scroll like this, but if you don’t like this change you can disable it (at least for now). You’ll need to make a trip to chrome://flags in your browser to visit Chrome’s hidden settings, many of which are worth changing.

On that page, press Ctrl + F to open the Find dialogue and search for “smooth” to find the Smooth Scrolling entry. Click the Disable button on this item and restart Chrome to the old form of scrolling.

Note that items in chrome://flags are experimental and might break something inside Chrome. Because this is disabling a feature instead of enabling an untested one, though, it shouldn’t cause any issues.

Additionally, Google could rescind this option at any time in the future. If that happens, you’ll have to find another way to go back to the old way of scrolling. Most people should prefer the smooth way though, as it’s easier on the eyes.

There are even more hidden Google features you can take advantage of in Chrome if you know where to look!

Do you like the new smooth scrolling or do you prefer the old, jerky form? Let us know why in the comments!

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