How To Trace & Deactivate A Stolen Cell Phone

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MobiWee Article HeaderI have a very valuable cell phone with me and so I try to take the best care of it possible. It goes with me just about everywhere I go, and occasionally, I’ll happen to misplace it and lose my mind trying to find it. But, MobiWee, a new all-in-one cell phone remote management tool and remote GPS locator will really come in handy for those times when I can’t find the phone.

With Mobiwee I can not only trace my stolen cell phone but I can also deactivate it.

MobiWee works by way of a downloadable client for your iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile Phone, and the client automatically syncs with the server at preset intervals to get the latest pending “requests” from the web interface.

how can i trace my stolen cell phone You can follow the quick instructions to download the client from their website, and then install it via .cab (Windows Mobile), .apk (Android) or on either the Android or Apple App Store.

After installing the software, requests that you initiate from the online site will automatically be sent to and then quickly processed by your phone in the background and then executed silently. Depending on the type of device though, you might want to set the time that the client checks for requests higher to conserve battery life.

If your phone is ever lost, you can use the GPS in the phone to send a signal back and trace stolen cell phone on a Google Map with an address on it. Should it get into the wrong hands and your data is compromised, you can even send signals to the phone to lock with a password or even wipe your data. This will deactivate stolen phone for anybody who takes it.

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If I clicked the option (in the picture below) to locate my phone, my phone will get the message, and then get the location via GPS (assuming my phone has GPS reception) and then send the location back.

how can i trace my stolen cell phone

MobiWee’s suite of other features also allows you to remotely track your phone’s usage and statistics. You can view statistics like the last person who called, battery life, manage contacts, Internet Explorer favorites, files, call forwarding and view call logs, all remotely. You can even remotely install applications to your phone, and grab screenshots of what it is doing.

Depending on your type of phone though, some of these may not work to full functionality due to OS restrictions. But, if I wanted to see who has been calling my phone or who has been calling from my phone, I can pull call logs from it just like the location above:

how can i trace my stolen cell phone

MobiWee’s other features also allow you to do a lot more remote management with your phone, allowing you to take screenshots for example and add files remotely to your phone as well. Microsoft also offers a similar paid service known as My Phone which can do similar tasks, such as view photos and text messages and ring your phone when lost.

Do you currently use a service to track and/or deactivate your phone? Share your options and ideas for keeping your phone safe in the comments below and also be sure to check out similar phone-finding tools like BlueRetriver and WhereisMyCellPhone in the MakeUseOf Directory.

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Shawn Giegerich

If you want this for Blackberry, I use Gadget Track

Supports WinMo and Blackberry and iPhone kind of, I thought it supported Symbian too, but looks like I was wrong.



This app is useless on an iPhone as it requires the app to be running to work.


That is quite true, although when you do run the app, the remote management features really become useful. Thanks for the comment!



By the way is there any similar application for Symbian OS – For Nokia handsets



i need to know if i can buy the machine that i can keep at home and if i lose my cell phone i can simply track it on the machine from a chip placed inside my phone secretly. please email me. 00263912496896 is my number.



For Nokia – I found PhoneLocator. I just tested it and works very well. They also have a ‘PhoneLocator Periodic’ which updates the location periodically, as well as being able to send a text message saying “update” and it’ll turn on GPS and submit the phone’s location. Very sophisticated!

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