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00 Syncmate.jpgMost modern people work and live with many devices. So it’s only natural that people’s data – documents, contacts, music, movies, messages, calendar, photos, etc. – are scattered amongst their devices.

You don’t need rocket science to figure out that life would be so much easier if that data could be synchronized. Nobody wants to go through so many devices just to find a name.

Everybody says that I have the worst combination of devices there is: Mac computer and Windows Mobile phone. Both have large number of users but aren’t really compatible with each other. Natively, synchronizing data between the two is impossible (at least for now). You need help from third-party applications.

Before You Sync a Mac with Windows Mobile

Looking at the vast market of such applications, I can’t help but wonder why there aren’t many available. One of the few is SyncMate, developed by the maker of Folx Folx - An Automatic Download Manager for Mac Folx - An Automatic Download Manager for Mac Read More . This commercial Mac-to-devices synchronization tool is also available in a free version with some features disabled.

SyncMate allows its users to sync mac with windows mobile and many other devices such as a Windows computer, Sony PSP, Nokia series 40 mobile phone, and even with a Google Account. There is also an option to backup the data to an online storage solution.

There’s a full comparison list of features between the free and paid versions on their website. Even though serious users would want to upgrade to the Expert Edition, the available free-basic features are sufficient for most everyday users.


Let’s see what SyncMate can do. I’ll use my Windows Mobile as an example. Different devices might have slightly different steps.

The first step in using SyncMate is the pairing up process. A Device Connection Wizard window will appear the first time you connect your gadget to your Mac. Select your device from the list and click “Continue“. There’s an option to always show this window every time you start SyncMate.

01a SyncMate - Device Connection Wizard.jpg

Next is the Connection Settings window. Basically this step asks users to connect their device.

On the first connection, SyncMate will install a driver to the device to make it readable by your Mac. This installation has to be accepted from the device side.

The final stage is the customization stage. You can set your device’s name, picture, and connection icon.

The Synchronization

The connected devices’ picture will appear at the upper part of SyncMate’s window.

Available plugins are listed on the left pane. The majority of these plugins are only available in the Expert Edition.

03 Plugins.jpg

You can adjust how each plugin should work from the main pane.

After finishing tinkering with the settings, it’s about time to click the “Sync Now” button.

For first time synchronization, the process will go for a while.

07b Now syncing

To keep the data on your devices current, you have to do synchronization on a regular basis. SyncMate will remind you periodically to sync your devices. A nice feature for forgetful people like me.

You could set the reminder period by going to Preferences.

Going Online

Another useful features of this app is the ability to sync our data to online storage for backup and to our Google Account(s).

To activate these features, click the “Add Connection” button next to the “Sync Now” and choose “Online Backup

Click the “Register new online account” button to register, and fill in your email address and your chosen password.

A confirmation code will be sent to your email. Enter it in the next window to finish the registration process.

To add a Google account to the bunch, choose “Google Account” from the “Add Connection” window and fill in your Gmail address and password.

Some Personal Notes

Even in the crippled free version, I still think that SyncMate is a useful app that worth trying – especially for those who want to synch their Mac with a Windows Mobile device.

But I also think that the developer should enable more features in the free version to get even more users to try.

There’s also a little thing that the developer should fix. :)

Have you tried SyncMate? Do you know other free alternatives to sync your Mac and Windows Mobile? Share using the comments below!

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