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In this post we’re going to learn how to set up a little infrastructure to download great podcasts, just the kind you like.

But first, let’s think for a moment why you should find and download podcasts. Personally, I prefer to read, rather than listen, when I’m next to a computer. But when I’m not, podcasts are the best (if not only) option.

Listening to podcasts can make your daily two hours drive to and from work into two hours of learning something new, updating on the latest news, or reading a book.

Set a Delicious based stream of podcasts

Start by setting up a stream of podcast suggestions right into your RSS reader with Delicious. Go to Delicious’ [NO LONGER WORKS] tag based search and in the search box type ‘podcast‘ (already included in [NO LONGER WORKS] this link) and another tag that represents your topic of interest.

For example, the combination of ‘podcasts‘ and ‘technology‘ will deliver links which are tagged with both these terms, as shown in the image below.


how do i download podcasts

If you don’t have a bookmarklet to automatically detect the page’s RSS feed 5 Recommended Bookmarklets To Simplify Tedious Tasks 5 Recommended Bookmarklets To Simplify Tedious Tasks 5 bookmarklets that will boost your productivity by helping you instantly subscribe to, read, tweet, share and translate webpages. Read More , subscribe to the search by clicking the icon at the lower left corner of the page. Add the subscription to a folder in your feed reader so that you can get all the podcasts at once, or unsubscribe from them if you don’t want to get them anymore.

Once subscribed, you will keep getting new podcasts recommendations about the topic you chose.

how to download good podcasts

Repeat this process with other topics, to get a variety of podcasts that you can download.

Subscribe to blogs and websites

Occasionally you’ll encounter blogs or websites that are dedicated to the topic that interest you. You can subscribe directly to them, as an addition to the podcasts stream you’ve set up in the previous step.

Download podcasts

When you get interesting podcasts, download them to a dedicated podcasts folder on your computer. Once in a while burn a disc or sync the folder with your portable device.

Juice it up – download a podcast receiver

Personally, I prefer hand picking the podcasts I download. Just as you don’t read all the posts in your favorite blog, some podcasts are interesting and some are not.

But, if you want to get all the podcasts from a given source, there is a way to do that as well. Download Juice, a free, open source podcast receiver (or another podcast software The 3 Best Programs for Subscribing to Podcasts The 3 Best Programs for Subscribing to Podcasts Read More ).

One you’ve downloaded and installed Juice, go to the ‘Subscriptions‘ tab. Add the feed URL of the source you want to download automatically.

how do i download podcasts with juice

Unsubscribe generously

Finally, remember to unsubscribe from sources that do not stand up to your expectations. The web is full of podcasts on various topics and in various levels of quality. It’s important that you distill your list of subscriptions to prevent information overload. If you hear 2-3 bad podcasts from the same source – unsubscribe.

How do you organize your podcasts and where do you get them from?  Let us know in the comments.

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