How To Send Completely Anonymous Emails

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anonHave you ever had the need to send completely anonymous emails to someone? Perhaps you were trying to prank one of your friends, or wanted to shyly declare your love.

Perhaps you wanted to report illegal activity or abuse, but didn’t want to get caught up in all it. Going to a telephone booth is easy, but how about emails?

There are services on the web – mostly online utilities – that allow you to send anonymous emails. You can send simple messages from, and to everywhere in the world, without having to reveal your true identity.

Today we’ll have a look at those services and present to you the three that stand out, following in no particular order.


AnonEmail is a service by AnonyMouse. It allows you to send anonymous emails by resending your email several time through random nodes, thus making it impossible to trace back.

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In AnonEmail, you can fill in your recipient, the subject, and a short plain-text message. Contrary to many other services AnonEmail does not (seem to) log your IP. However, we do urge you not to use it for anything illegal.


As an extra security measure, AnonEmail will then wait for an unknown period before sending your email along. Why? So no one  will be able to prove your ‘guilt’ based on time/location, or make geographic presumptions based on timezones.

It remains the question whether this particular functionality should be obligatory – as it might be a serious disadvantage if you don’t need it.

Formmail Anonymous Mailer

Formmail Anonymous Mailer, developed by Infinite Monkeys & Company, is a great alternative to AnonEmail.

Apart from the usual functionality, this website allows you to specify a sender’s address as well, allowing you to seemingly send it from a normal mail account. You can also select the specific remailers you want the website to use, from a list of 17 possibilities. Note that the message will take increasingly longer to send when re-rooting it through multiple remailers.

After pressing send, you’ll be able to watch the progress of your message through the different nodes. I used three remailers for a prank mail, and it took about a minute or two to send.


The debatable downside of Formmail Anonymous Mailer is that it logs your IP-addresses to keep you from doing anything stupid. They won’t include it in the emails you send, but if you do anything illegal, they’ll give it up.

Send Anonymous Mail

Like the name implies, this one is a third anonymous mailing utility. Although it lacks the complete anonymity of AnonEmail, and the remailer control of Formmail, this is the most simple one around.

You’ll also be able to specify a sender’s address, a ‘supposed’ origin point for your secret message. Nothing else fancy is included, but if you’re looking for simplicity, this is your guy.


Again, this one logs your IP address, so you’ll have another reason not to try anything shady.

Have a blast, but don’t do anything stupid. Which do you prefer, and why? Or do you use another service? Tell us and your fellow MakeUseOf readers about it in the comments below.

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Comments (16)
  • Charlie

    The most secure way to send mail anonymously is to route it through the Mixmaster remailer network. There is easy to use remailer client software (OmniMix and Quicksilver Lite), which encrypts your messages locally at your computer and then transmits it through a Tor connection, so that nobody will even know that you’ve sent some mail.

  • Jammer

    I want to reveal some deceptive, but true and provable actions the administrators of the company I work for are doing. It is simply lies & deceptions by them to employees. Unethical but NOT criminal.

    I need to send only one anonymous email but to about 50 email addresses. IS THIS POSSIBLE with these methods?
    I sure don’t want to get fired, even though it’s true.
    Someone who knows please answer!
    Thank You!

    • Simon Slangen

      Probably not, to prevent people to use this for spam. You could create a new Gmail account (with false credentials) in a matter of minutes.

    • Jammer

      Thank you Simon, that sounds like the easiest way.
      …. but doesn’t Gmail still have my real computer ID? even after I delete the mail box. Plus my computer would have a record also? I actually don’t know anything at all about this and wish to do it right.

      How does a proxy set up, affect a computer?
      Thanks to Everyone for your help!

    • Simon Slangen

      For this kind of thing, unless your bosses work at the NSA (or Gmail :-) ), I think you’re safe.

    • Jammer

      Thanks! Simon! The only thing I fear is one of them having connections/a friend/money… to trace or dig me out.

      But if you think that is difficult for them to do, I will do
      the Gmail thing!

    • Simon Slangen

      If you really want to play sure, use false credentials in setting up your account, and only access the account via a proxy.

      Good luck with whatever you’re trying to do ;-)

  • npi

    Hi, well I have a doubt about this webpage (the one of anonemail, the thing is the following:
    During last month, I used this webpage to send anonymous e-mails to 3 different e-mail accounts with the same subject and the same message, however, only 2 of the e-mail accounts and in some cases only 1 got the e-mail.
    I researched in the FAQ and it says that those e-mails that has been sent with the same content will be delivered only once due to the remailers has some protective system to improve the “anonimity”, it seems to me very interesting because if I send an e-mail to juanito perez e-mail (for example) with the subject: greetings and message: hi how are you?; and someone else sends an e-mail to perico los palotes e-mail (for example) with the subjetc: greetings and the message: hi how are you?; only one of these e-mails will be delivered due to the same content, at least I see it that way I might be wrong, that’s why I am here asking.
    I sent an e-mail to them asking why this was happening but they never responded.
    The other option is that because guarantee a nice anonimity it says that the e-mail will be delivered up to 12 hours so what we should do is send the X quantity of e-mails with the same content to different e-mail accounts after that 12 hours have passed already.
    But I am not sure, for me it’s very important because I have to comunicate to people anonymously, it’s a group of people so this system is limiting me a bit.

    I really hope someone can help me with this.
    Thank You

  • Mohammad

    I love your guides and web tools keep up the good work!
    I would love some more PDF Guides…
    Like a guide on Home Networking,
    I also want some more articles on Computer Hardware..
    Thanks a lot for all…

    • Dean

      Nice!What about an anonymous e-mail having an attachment? Let’s say, if you want to make a surprize to your hi-tech friend and you’ll add an attachment(pps…for ex), how you gonna make it in this case to be completly anonymous your e-mail message? Probabily is not posible or is something too complicate…

  • Shanna

    This is great, if ever someone is need of sending an anon email. Might work great, too, for the spameaters & baiters.

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.
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