3 Easy Ways To Send a Complete Web Page via Email

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There are two ways to send a webpage to someone. The most common and the most followed is to copy paste the webpage link in the email. The second is to send the entire web page via email, that is include it within the body of the email.

Which one do you think is more effective? My own thinking and experience says that a URL though short and sweet just does not catch the eye as a full webpage does. Call it a human habit; we put off clicking a link when we have to go through quite a few emails in our inbox. An entire webpage has a better chance of grabbing my eyeballs because a glance says whether the information is relevant to me or not. Also the lurking danger of clicking an unsafe link makes me lean in favor of seeing the content first hand.

Most webpages do not include an option send full web page via email. For such pages here are some solutions I have found handy.

Send Web Page as Email in Outlook 2007

Since I use Outlook 2007 for most of my mailing, it makes sense to use this to send webpages. A few steps let you open a webpage within Outlook and send it as a whole in an email instead of as a link.

  1. Open Outlook 2007. Navigate to View – Toolbars – Web.

    send web page as email outlook

  2. Use the Search toolbar (located on the right) to go to the desired URL.

  3. Once the page loads, click on Actions – Send Webpage by Email. A new message box opens up with your webpage pasted in the content window. Fill the address fields and mail it out.


Email The Web

EmailTheWeb (v2.12) is a web service which lets you send the exact webpage to anyone right from your browser. Presently, there are three ways of using it ““

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  1. As a web service – copy-paste the page link in the URL field on EmailTheWeb.com and click email web page.

    send web page in email

  2. As a button in Internet Explorer – Add the Google toolbar and single click function to the browser. But you might feel it is redundant as the latest edition of the browser has its own email webpage mode.
  3. As a Firefox add-on – Adds a sub-menu entry under File – Email this Web page“¦A configuration box gives you two emailing styles – Exact Page lets you capture session specific, dynamic and password locked pages.The Quick Page though faster is more geared towards static pages.

    send web page in firefox

The browser add-on works with Firefox 1.0 to 3.0+.

Once you use any of the three options, the service authenticates you using your Google account. As a Google account is free and most of us have one, I don’t think it’s too much of a bother. The compose email page lets you add the recipient IDs and optional notes. The captured page can be previewed. To speed up the email, the captured page is also sans dynamic ads and pop-ups. All you need to do is send the page and sign out.

Internet Explorer 8

The new Internet Explorer 8 makes it convenient to send a webpage as an email. IE8 has two instantly accessible buttons located on the Command toolbar. The use has the choice to click any of the two to send a webpage either as a complete webpage or as a link. The Send Page by Email button loads the webpage into the default email client.

If you do not see the buttons on your browser, click on View – Toolbars – Command Bar.

Sending a complete webpage might bulk up the download, but in the age of broadband a few extra bytes should go by unnoticed. And at least you the sender would know that the recipient has cast a glance at the webpage. The webpage often might not retain its formatting as it is used in different style environments. The spruceness of a perfect newsletter might be a lacking but the information you want to send forth is not.

So which of the modes do you prefer when you need to send web page via email? Did I succeed in changing your mind about sending a complete webpage as against just a link? Do let us know in the comments”¦

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