How To Safely Complain About Your Boss or Job Online

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complain about your boss Does your job drive you crazy? Do you want to get even with a former or existing employer? There is a better way to solve these issues than just to get fired. Release your job stress by using any of the following websites where complain about your boss or work place. These sites allow job seekers and current employees to research a company or leave anonymous feedback about their experiences working at a company.

Use these sites to warn prospective employees against joining the company. Or just share your experience with others and let them help you solve your problems.

Telonu is a new website that invites anyone to “Rave, Rant, and Rate“ about their business thus informing prospective employees as well as providing co-workers a place to gossip anonymously.


WorkRant is a site that invites users to “release your job stress and have a workrant”. The site interface is dead simple. What’s really great about the site is that you do not need to register: just provide your name, location, job title and rant! Beware: the site is full of obscene words.

BossBitching is similar to the above one. You can post your sad workplace stories with no registration required. It remains unclear to me how to rate the stories though (each story has some ratings but I couldn’t find where to put them).

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JobVent invites people to post negative (and positive) experiences on their job allowing thus for the stress release and also warning people who are going to start a new job. Company reviews are submitted along with ratings that are used to calculate the rank for each company submitted.

jobvent - complain about coworker

The site participants are asked to keep in mind that:

  • no company deserves the lowest ratings in every category;
  • negative ratings should be adequately grounded;
  • profanity is not allowed;
  • do not post names or initials, just the company name;
  • each company can be reviewed only once by one individual.

Axelist invites people to share negative experiences with any kind of possible contacts with bosses being obviously the most popular of them.

Apart from the detailed complaint, the website provides some of the offenders’ details: their age and location. The site explains its benefits the following way:

File your complaint and watch Axelist expose and put your villain on the spot. We will post and promote your story and even go beyond the Internet to help you make your case.

HateMyJob category at a social voting site allows you to share stories about you getting fired or read other people’s negative experiences and thus release your job stress.

RateMyEmployer is a Canadian site offering users to rate their job places based on a number of criteria: values and corporate culture, work space (layout), teamwork and cooperation, schedule, work load and holidays. To rate or add an employer you even won’t have to register.

Criticat offers to “rate your company and share your workplace experiences”. Unlike others similar sites, it seems to promote a bit of a different concept that appeals to me: it offers not just to aimlessly rant but to try to improve the situation:

Do you feel you have a great solution to a problem in your company but not sure if everyone else will agree with you? Come to Criticat, create a poll anonymously, build consensus and cause the change.


JobBite allows you to post job reviews and rate your overall work experience and your salary. You are also invited to describe the workplace culture. The site requires no registration, so a job review won’t take you more than a few seconds.

HowsThatJob claims to provide “job reviews from real people”. The site allows you to post anonymous reviews with no registration required.

Note: I am not 100% advocative of the above services. My main concern is that they are completely anonymous and so easy to use that a company or an employer is in no way protected from unfair accusations. I am also not sure of the legal side of the issue: are these sites allowed to publish unconfirmed rants?

I am also surprised at the number of these sites that pop up. None of them have really risen to become a well-known leader so far. But they all seem to be fairly popular!

Would you use these sites? Please share your thoughts!

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