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windows 8 boot issuesWindows 8 uses a new “hybrid boot” feature to improve boot times Windows 8 In Daily Use: What Is It Really Like? Windows 8 In Daily Use: What Is It Really Like? You hate Windows 8, don’t you? You’ve never used it, you haven’t even seen it in action (other than via a few YouTube videos) but you hate it. It’s pointless, it’s ugly, it’s unwieldy… you... Read More . When you shut down, your computer doesn’t actually shut down normally – it performs a sort of limited “hibernate When Power Saving Fails: Fixing Windows 7 Hibernation Issues When Power Saving Fails: Fixing Windows 7 Hibernation Issues When you use the hibernate shut-down option, Windows 7 saves the contents of your computer’s memory to disk and powers off the computer. If your computer can’t hibernate or isn’t resuming from hibernation properly, there... Read More ” that stores a state with drivers, services, and other software loaded into memory. When your computer boots, it doesn’t need to reinitialize all your hardware, load drivers, and load services – it simply loads the state from your hard drive and continues the boot-up process. This works differently from the normal hibernate feature, which stores your entire system state — hybrid boot doesn’t store your running desktop programs.

However, hybrid boot can cause problems. Some older computers with buggy drivers may not like it, just as some older computers refuse to hibernate properly because of driver issues. In addition, corrupted boot data can also prevent Windows 8 from booting normally, just as it could on older versions of Windows. To learn a great deal more about Windows 8, don’t forget to check out our Windows 8 guide.

Disable Fast Startup/Hybrid Boot

If you’re experiencing boot problems, you may want to try disabling hybrid boot. This will slow down your computer’s boot process, so you should only do this if you’re trying to fix a problem.

To access this setting, press the Windows key, type “power settings” at the Start screen, and select the Settings category. Click “Change what the power buttons do” to launch the appropriate Control Panel.

windows 8 boot issues

Click the “Change settings that are currently unavailable” option near the top of the window that appears.


fix windows 8 boot

After bypassing the UAC prompt, uncheck the “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” option under Shutdown settings near the bottom of the window.

Click the Save changes button. Windows will now perform a full shutdown and full startup, just as it did on Windows 7 How To Fix A Windows 7 Infinite Reboot Loop How To Fix A Windows 7 Infinite Reboot Loop Have you ever encountered an infinite reboot loop? It is instantly recognisable by the failure of Windows to correctly load up after switching on your PC or laptop. Fortunately thanks to the way in which... Read More and previous versions of Windows. Your boot process will take longer, but this will hopefully fix any problems you’re encountering. If this doesn’t fix your problem, you should re-enable fast startup to improve your boot-up speed.

Repair Your Startup Data

When your computer boots from its hard drive, it checks the hard drive’s master boot record, which loads the boot loader and begins the boot process. However, the master boot record (MBR) itself can become overwritten or Windows boot data can become corrupt, preventing your computer from booting and resulting in error messages. If your Windows 8 system refuses to boot, you can use a bootable Windows installer disc – or make a Windows installer USB drive How To Install Windows 8 From A USB Stick How To Install Windows 8 From A USB Stick If you’re looking to install Windows 8 and your computer doesn't have a DVD drive, you’re not alone. Whether you have a Windows 8 DVD or a Windows 8 ISO file you've downloaded from Microsoft,... Read More – to repair it.

Insert the disc or USB drive into your computer and restart. You should see the Windows 8 installer appear. Specify your language and keyboard type and continue until you reach the below screen. Click the Repair your computer option at the bottom-left corner of the window.

fix windows 8 boot

Click Troubleshoot, and then Advanced Options.

fix windows 8 boot

The first thing you should try is clicking the Automatic Repair option. If this works, Windows will take care of everything for you and make your computer boot properly.

fix windows 8 bootloader

If this didn’t work, click the Command Prompt option instead. Type the following commands into the Command Prompt window, pressing Enter after each:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

The first command fixes your master boot record, while the second command writes a new boot sector to your hard drive. These commands should fix your problem.

windows 8 boot issues

In some cases, you may also need to run these commands afterwards:

bootrec /scanos
bootrec /rebuildbcd

The first command scans your computer for operating systems and adds them to its boot configuration data – this should ensure the boot loader knows where the Windows installation is if it can’t find your Windows installation for some reason. The second command also scans your computer for operating systems, but displays a list and allows you to select the operating systems you want to add.

Fix Other Problems

If your Windows 8 computer is still refusing to boot normally, you may want to reset it to a clean state. If the boot process is failing, you should find yourself at the blue screen below. If the failure to boot is happening too early in the startup process, you can insert a Windows installer disc or USB drive – the same one you used above – and access the Troubleshoot screen in the same way. On the Troubleshoot screen, select the Refresh your PC option to reset your PC’s system files to their default state.

Of course, you can always reinstall Windows 8 entirely from a Windows 8 installer disc or USB drive, but the Refresh (or Reset) options work similarly and more quickly.

fix windows 8 bootloader

For more information about troubleshooting Windows 8 boot issues, check out our complete guide to Windows 8.

Have you encountered any Windows 8 boot issues? How did you fix it? Leave a comment below and share your experiences!

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