How To Repair Corrupted Word Files

microsoft word logo   How To Repair Corrupted Word Files Have you ever received an error message when trying to open a Microsoft Word document? Was it an important file for work or school? Whatever the case may be, it is very frustrating to not be able to open a file for no reason. However, this post will show you how to repair such files for FREE!

Repair MyWord is a free program that will recover corrupt Microsoft Word files. It will recover Microsoft Word 6.0, Word 95, 97, 2000, XP, and 2003 files. Repair MyWord is an small executable file that requires no installation, which makes it a great utility to keep on a flash drive. Repair MyWord is available for nearly all versions of Windows. It has also been tested in Linux using Wine.

How do I repair my corrupt Word document?

    1) Download Repair MyWord; download links can be found at the top and bottom of the page.

    2) Once you have downloaded the software, open Repair MyWord by clicking on the downloaded file. Again, this requires no installation. After opening the software, you should see a window that looks like the following:

    repair myword   How To Repair Corrupted Word Files

    3) At this point you are ready to begin repairing your corrupted file. Click “Repair/Open” and select the file you wish to repair. It appears to only allow you to open .doc files even though it shows all files in the directories.

    4) Once you have opened the file you wish to repair, it should appear in the blank part of the window. You will not be able to edit the file’s contents at this point. However, to repair it click “Save”. This will save the file as rich-text format (.rtf).

I have tested Repair MyWord on several .doc files (Word 6.0, Word 95, Word 97, 2000, XP, and 2003) and it has repaired them without fail. However, you should know that the way it repairs your file is by saving it as rich-text format. Therefore, formatting of any kind will be erased. This means any graphics, tables, numbering/bullets and text formatting will be lost during the “repair.” Basically you are left with a plain text version of your document. I know this stinks especially if you have a file with lots of graphics, but at least the file is recovered and you don’t have to completely recreate it.

TIP: If you open multiple documents at once it will automatically save them in a batch. This keeps you from having to open the documents and save them one at a time.

GetData, the makers of Repair MyWord, have several other programs available which will recover everything from databases to emails to iPod songs. Some of these programs only offer a free trial unless you purchase them, while others are free to download. The free programs are Repair MyWord, X3F Repair, CRW Repair and Mass Renamer.

GetData even offers a free Sudoku game for download.

To browse all of GetData’s products, take a look at the download page.

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The best what worked for me is to open the file with OpenOffice (possibly with a ubuntu or in windows) and huah.. it reads the corrupted file in no time and tries to preserve the formats.

I am not sure whether it would work for a severe corruption, however, it worked me to have the file as it was before a abrupt shutdown due to power failure, where Ms Word 2007 file couldn’t be repaired with its own recovery tool, and the trial version of a propriety tool couldn’t preserve the format.


It isn’t really all that helpful, if it discards formatting and graphics, especially since the format it saves into (RTF) supports fonts, and graphics! If you are telling me all it does is strip the text out of the document, then I would rather just open the doc file in notepad and copy out all the text!


This program has saved my ASSets. Many thanks!


I heard about not bad application-how to recover word file, the text information only from damaged files, recover information from corrupted Microsoft Word documents and templates located on corrupted media (floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, Zip drives, etc.), recover information from corrupted Microsoft Word documents and templates via the local area network, export the recovered information both to Microsoft Word and to a plain text fil, erecover file software is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003, Windows Vista.



access repair

The document corrupted in any of such cases can be recovered by using certain tools known as word recovery software. The Word recovery is a process under which the corrupt Word documents get scanned to remove any corruption in one or more of their components.


You are right. The document corrupted in such cases can be recovered by using certain tools. Once I face such error, I use tool which scan my whole corrupt document and repair it within few minutes.

Paul D Pruitt

I helped write a similar utility to the Get Data except it works with Word 2007. It’s also freeware. It’s available from my home page


Does anyone understand the process of repagnating a word
file document? I am being asked to explain how to do this
on a technical test for a job interview and have no idea what this means. Perhaps I misunderstood the question but its with a law firm and was told occasionaly there is a problem
with a word document which requires it to be done.

Paul D Pruitt

Hmm…Well you can repaginate an an automatically configured index that is keying off the page numbers wherever titles are given styles Headline 1 or Headline 2 (sometimes Headline 3 or more too) by right clicking on an index (which will select the whole index) and choose “Update Fields”. That’s probably not what they are asking.

Paul D Pruitt

Actually I think the “Update Field” thing works to update the paging when you right click on any regular page number at the bottom or top of the page wherever you have placed the page numbers and choose that menu choice. I just checked. I think it’s important to learn about Word styles and stuff for a legal job. The stuff is pretty easy, but for most people besides secretaries, it is obscure. Good luck.


Thank you very much for your answer Paul. I am not sure what that question has to do with Help Desk? It is something
being asked on a technical at a Law Firm, no one has gotten the answer right. I will use what you wrote and hopefully it will be correct.






It doesn’t seem to work for me… It does nothing when I select the file. Pretty disappointing as it’s urgent and there’s no way I’m paying the scandalous fees other programs charge.

Dr. Shiva

it helped me alot. though some tables and graphics went off but still a lot of my time was saved thanks to this.

Paul Pruitt

Hi you all. I have a free service now too for recovering text from corrupt or non-corrupt Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 files. It’s at It uses different code and a different back end then the freeware I also provide mentioned in an earlier post, so the results might be more effective if the freeware is ineffective.


last time my thesis was damaged by virus, then I sent it to , it free service, I get back my file in a day with out pay anything. I recommend it to you..