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how to repair broken avi file,So you downloaded the latest Futurama movie or your friend gave you a copy of last night’s Nip/Tuck episode and it does not play. You could be getting unexpected playback results, the file just won’t play or your player is saying that your file is corrupted.

What do you do?

Weep openly?

Seek help?

Or how about fixing the problem for yourself? Why not try to repair broken avi or other video file? What an awesome idea!

Let’s see how we can do that with a free tool called DivFix++. I have been using an older version of DivFix++ that was simply called DivFix since way back when. Let me tell you this is a solid application that can save you many hours of heartache. Word up!


You can download the executable here (another application that DOES NOT NEED TO BE INSTALLED!). The zip file is available as a direct download from here. It is tiny weighing in at 742KB. I always keep this little guy on my memory stick!

After downloading and running DivFix you will see a screen that looks like this:

repair broken video file

You will see you have options to choose your output directory, log file and of course your source file. Then you have check boxes to keep your original file intact, cut out bad parts and log your results. You can also choose your language from the preferences button on the bottom.

If your AVI file simply will not let you move around it freely, then the index is flucked up and can be easily corrected by stripping the index. When you do this make sure the check boxes for cut out bad parts and keep your original file intact are unchecked.

You can copy your video file to another location before you start to be on the safe side.

After clicking “Strip Index” the operation is almost immediate.

How To Repair Broken AVI Files That Won't Play divfixstripped

Try opening and moving around your file now! Sweet! Now to skip to the good parts!

Using some automagical features DivFix++ can fix corrupted video files as well. So not only you can use it to repair broken AVI files but fix just about any corrupt video file. Just select your video file and hit Fix…

fix corrupt avi

How To Repair Broken AVI Files That Won't Play divfixfixed

Let it do its work and when it is complete, more likely than not, you will have a beautiful working PRON video file again! That’s right and all without a working knowledge of techno video nonsense! This is a program for every normal Joe Schmoe.

Let us know how it works out for you and if you have another similar free tool that you use and prefer…

Don’t act like you don’t know how or where…

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