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Your boss has finally allowed you to set up a Facebook Page for your company. Now, how are you going to convince them it’s worth your time to maintain it? Here’s how.

In the business world, everything needs to be measured. Bigwigs that have no idea how a system works rely on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to see if the process is working and if it’s worth continuing. Today we’ll talk you through the various statistics you can collect on your Facebook Page in order to show your boss that it’s worth putting the effort into making it better. By this I mean improving it by both giving the Page a makeover Give Your Facebook Page A Makeover [Weekly Facebook Tips] Give Your Facebook Page A Makeover [Weekly Facebook Tips] Is this you? You made a Facebook page for your association, made it look alright, set up a few things, got a few fans and then left the page lying around dormant. Sound familiar? Probably.... Read More and making plenty of engaging updates.

Facebook Insights

None of these statistics are difficult to find. Everything you need to know is right there in Facebook Insights, you Page’s analytics tool, which you can find in the Admin Panel at the top of your Page when you’re logged in as an admin. What we’re going to do is make it clear which stats you should show your boss and why.

Page Likes

Page Likes is a really easy concept for your boss to understand: How many people like the Page? What sort of people are they? Where do they come from? What languages do they speak?


To find this information, click on “Likes” at the top of your Insights page. Everything I just asked is spelt out clearly and graphed in a way that makes perfect sense to even the most pointy-haired of bosses. Take a screenshot The Ultimate Guide on How to Take a Screenshot The Ultimate Guide on How to Take a Screenshot Most people would think taking a screenshot was a simple and straightforward process, and that it would be much the same on every platform they encounter. Well, they'd be wrong. The process of taking screenshots... Read More of that information and throw it in your Word doc or presentation (or something).

What’s great about this information is that it’s available to you all the time, regardless of how many people have been active on your Page recently.

Page Reach

Page Reach can be found by clicking on the “Reach” link at the top of your Insights page. It’s a comprehensive guide to the sorts of people you’ve reached with your recent posts. However, it won’t show you anything unless you reached more than 30 people in the last 7 days, even if you change the date range to add in the last few months. So, if you’ve been inactive for over a week, this is not going to show you anything. Handy tip: Make a few good updates in the week before you decide to collect stats for your boss.

Posts Reach

In the Admin Panel at the top of your Facebook Page, you’ll see a list of your recent posts with an indicator of their reach. This lets you know exactly how many unique people saw each of your updates. These are easy and important stats to show your boss, proving that letting you spend a bit of time each day crafting a few great updates is worth your time.

Talking About This

If your Page is large enough and active enough to have people checking in or mentioning you for some reason, this is a great stat to track. However, if you are a small business with no current events to get people talking, this isn’t going to show a lot other than responses to your own posts. This metric shows you recent Likes, sharing of posts, commenting, tagging, and check-ins. If you’ve had activity by more than 30 people in the last 7 days, it will show the breakdown by region, demographic and more.


The graph on the overview page ties in all the graphs seen on the Reach, Likes,  and Talking About This sections. It also shows clearly as a purple dot when you made a status update, which can make it perfectly clear to anyone looking at the statistics that your updates trigger the attention. Therefore, it’s worth making regular updates and aiming for the best possible EdgeRank 8 Tips To Increase EdgeRank & Exposure For Your Facebook Page Updates [Weekly Facebook Tips] 8 Tips To Increase EdgeRank & Exposure For Your Facebook Page Updates [Weekly Facebook Tips] If you run a Facebook Page, you probably noticed that there was a change in your reach since September 2012. This is because Facebook revised how its EdgeRank algorithm worked for Pages, making it a... Read More .

New Insights!

The new Page Insights tool is being tested as we speak. It shouldn’t change these basic stats, though, as it focuses on “People Talking About This” and virality stats. Many of the graphs have been updated to look better, but generally show the same information. That said, if you have the option to upgrade, do so. It’s worth it!

One fantastic new view is of the Posts Reach, which shows the reach and the engagement of each post (whereas before it just showed the reach). You can also see which days and times of day your fans are online and ready to interact with your posts.

Have you had much experience delivering metrics to your superiors? What did they find to be the most important information?

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