How To Promote Your Blog Using Facebook Pages

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One of the more effective ways of promoting your blog is to use a site everyone either loves or hates – Facebook. The social networking site allows you to create a page to promote your blog or business – and it’s completely free.  MakeUseOf has one and it’s doing very well.

By having a Facebook page for your blog, you can set up your RSS feed so your new posts appear on your fan page. Facebook members can then become a “fan” of your posts and comment on your posts inside Facebook.

In short, you can:

  • create a mini community of loyal blog readers inside Facebook.
  • encourage them to click through to your blog and sign up for the proper RSS feed.

So, are you interested in getting your page set up?   If so, here’s how to get it set up quickly.

1.  Sign up on Facebook

First you have to have a free Facebook account.   If not then go here and set one up.

2.  Click zee link

Then click on this link to get your fan page going.   Here is the page that will then appear :

If you are creating a page for a blog / website, you will need to choose “Brand, Product or Organization”.   Then from the drop-down list, select “website”.

Enter the name of your site (or whatever you want your page to be called) in “Name Of Other Business”, tick “I am authorized to create this page” (assuming of course you ARE authorized), enter your name under “Electronic Signature” and then click “Create Page”.

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3.  Customize Your Page

Your page will now be set up and you will be taken straight there.

Here are some of the things you can do to customize your page :

Customize your image :

The first thing your page obviously needs is an image.  For blogs, the obvious image to first consider is your logo.

To upload an image, just point your mouse to the image area and a menu will pop up with various options.

You can either upload a photo, take a picture with your webcam or choose from a Facebook album.

Customize your site information :

In the “Info” tab, you can type detailed information about your site such as the URL, the “overview” (so this would be a good place to enter any tagline or motto that your site has.   MakeUseOf’s is “Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips”).

You can also enter information such as when you started the site  and if you have any “products” you’d like to talk about.

In short, use this section to blab away about your site.

Set up your blog RSS feed to show your new posts in Facebook

This is, I think, one of the most important aspects of a blog fan page.   If you are unable to show your new posts, how can you possibly persuade people to come to your site and sign up for the RSS feed?

  • First, click on the “notes” tab at the top of the page.
  • Select “Import A Blog” in the Notes Setting section. You can only import from 1 RSS feed at a time. Simply “Stop Importing” if you want to change the RSS feed.
  • Enter the RSS URL in the box provided. Check the box next to the statement that you actually own the content. You cannot import RSS feeds from websites that are not your own or that you do not have permission to reproduce.
  • Click the “Start Importing” button. Facebook will import the content of the RSS feed for you to preview. If everything looks OK, then go ahead and press the “Continue” button. Your RSS feed will now be automatically imported into your “Notes” section.
  • After that, everytime you publish a post on your blog, a summary of the post along with a link will appear on your Facebook page.

4. Publicise Your Page

Now that your Facebook page is all set up, all that remains to be done is to publicise it to your readers so they can “fan” you.  Some methods to get the word out there include :

  • Writing a blog post about your new Facebook page (don’t forget to link to it).
  • Putting a prominent link at the top of your blog or in the sidebar.  Just grab a Facebook logo from Google Images and then link it to your page.
  • Sending out an email to all your Facebook friends and telling them about your new fan page.  If they were interested enough to become Facebook friends with you, I’m sure they will be interested in your blog too.

Do you have a Facebook fan page for your blog?  If so, how successful is it in getting new RSS subscribers for your site?

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Damien Oh

Cool! I just created a fan page for my site. Didn’t know that it is so easy.

Mark O’Neill

what’s the link? :-)



Thanks for the article! However, I was wondering if there was a way for Facebook to import only excerpts of the posts instead of the whole thing?

Mark O’Neill

I don’t think there is any way to do that. Maybe a reader knows of a way. If anyone can help, let us know.


Found out a way to to it :). Simply create a new feedburner feed based on the original RSS feed, link that to the Notes in Facebook, and on the “Publicize” tab in Feedburner, go to Summary Burner. Activate it, define the number of characters (around 500 or so sounds reasonable), and that’s it!


instead of publicize tab, summary burner is in monetize tab


sorry,Summary Burner is in OPTIMIZE TAB


Summary Burner is in OPTIMIZE TAB


Harsh Agrawal

I have been using it for long time and coz of notes feature, facebook is one of the top traffic source for me. Another facebook application which i will recommend will be Networked blog application.



i didn’t know about this featured… :) thanks!


Harsh Agrawal [SML]

Seems like facebook has changes few things here.. I can’t see the Setting button under Notes.

Kevin Murray

Yes, it seems to have taken away the settings for me. The Your Notes on the main page has import blog settings, but not for individual pages. Has anyone found a workaround for that?


I’ve found out how it works currently:

1. Click the ‘notes’ tab. (No change there.)
2. Click ‘Write a new note’, but don’t write one.
3. Now you’ll see a row of icons above. Click the ‘notes’ one.
4. On the resulting page you will now see the option ‘Import a blog’.



Um.. I don’t have a notes tab on my page. I am an admin for it… how can I get this to come back??


Click on the + box at the end of your boxes. If it’s not in there, then go to Edit Page -> Applications. But I believe Notes is installed by default.



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Hey, thanks for sharing this helpful informations!!! That was very useful ;)
I just created my new page for the blog I just started about iPhone and iPod applications! If you are interested, take a look, and maybe you can become one of the first fans!!! (great honour ;))




thank’s for your info, i want to try..



cool tips.. thanks :P



Do you know if Facebook pages are supposed to be indexed by Facebook’s search engine? My page can be found only when searched for by the page name, and not when searched for items listed under products or company overview. This is pretty terrible!


Ravi singh


Thanks nice review..what I generally use most to promote is my blog is article writing,social bookmarking and forums.
Getting more backlinks means you will get better ranking in google.



did facebook remove this option? i just created a fan page at:
however the notes tab does not give me the option to import from another source through an RSS feed.

another question, can we set up multiple RSS feeds? for example my press releases and articles that i market all have their own RSS feeds. Can one set facebook up to receive this information as well, or is it limited to ONLY blog posts?

more importantly, where is this option? have they removed it????


Ellen Wanjiru

Is their a way that the blog comments that are posted on Facebook can show up on your blog as well? If so, that would be super cool!!



Same problem here as Sunii. Where are the notes settings and where can I import a feed?



This is fantastic. I created RSS on my FB page successfully.
Thanks again.



Matt L.

Thanks for the help …. Been wondering how to efficiently do this :)



facebook is the best tool for us . it is very happy to use it .wonderful!



thanks for sharing makeuseof is also a great way to promote blogs


facebook applications

When I create a fan page, it either wants to be put directly ON my fan page or it wants to give me the HTML to put it on an external web site. I want a fan page link for my business fan page on my personal profile page on facebook. how do it do this?



@ Sunil, Benjamin and all those who couldn’t find notes setting:

1) Go to your page
2)Below your page image on left hand side there is “edit page” link. Click on that.
3)Scroll down to “Notes”. Click on “Edit”.
4)On the right side of the page that opens, you can see option to import your blog.



I just created using the tips contained in this post (and anshul’s comment)! Thanks guys!


Facebook Layouts

I find using Facebook a horrible experience,and i can only imagine that FriendFeed’s ultimate destiny is to become buried deep within Facebook and be unappreciated by the masses that use that platform.



thanks for pointing it out! will try it soooon!



i think blogging is modern way of communication to larger audience where you really get valuable inforamation .i wrote my first blog on ,please help me so i can improve in this art

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