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Yesterday we looked at two Skype-related programs Power Up Your Skype: Send Fax and Record Calls Power Up Your Skype: Send Fax and Record Calls Read More which I use to become more productive and efficient. Today, in our continuing quest to build up our Skype programs, I want to take a look at the often-neglected Extras Manager and how Skype developers are using the API to make their own Skype-related tools, some “Skype Certified”, many not.


I can understand why some people are not even aware that there is an Extras Manager in Skype as it is obscurely tucked away in a drop-down sub-menu and not really placed or promoted prominently. If you are not aware of the Skype Extras Manager, you can find it by going to How to power up your Skype application even more

Tools—>Do More—>Organize Your Extras.

When the box opens, you’ll see a wide variety of Skype tools which are available to download and use. Some are completely useless but there are some real gems in there such as Unyte (remote desktop sharing), Talk and Write (collaborative file work), and of course my personal favourite – a chess game! OK, chess won’t make you productive but a little bit of fun and relaxation never did anyone any harm…

To download and install a plug-in, just click on the green arrow button and it will immediately download and install. But if it is not “Skype Approved” then you download it at your own risk.


All of these plug-ins in the Extras Manager have been designed by third-party developers using Skype’s API. So if you have a good idea for a Skype plug-in and you have the technical know-how then Skype allows you access to their application so you can develop your idea. Once made, it can then be added to the Extras Manager and some of these programs eventually obtain the “Skype Certified” status, which obviously enhances their standing.

But as with all plug-ins, the more you install, the slower the program. So unless you want to wait ages for Skype to open, choose and install your plug-ins wisely and sparingly!

  1. Aibek
    September 7, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    @ Sherri

    Thanks for tip, I am having same problems with MSN. I had no idea the problem could have been caused by codecs.

  2. Sherri
    September 5, 2007 at 3:14 pm

    When we finally got a new pc capable of XP and broadband, I DL'd Skype as soon as I could. But I couldn't get it working right with my volume, so I never used it (this pc had a different soundcard, and not the easiest to figure out).

    But I found this tutorial on how to raise my mic volume for Realtek and now I hope to try Skype finally.
    (warning, very bright colors on site)

    PS: The GUI designers of Realtek aren't very good to have hidden that mic volume like that!

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