Delicious Toolbox : Organize Your Web with Delicious

delicious organize   Delicious Toolbox : Organize Your Web with Delicious[NO LONGER WORKS] Delicious was the first site that introduced me to the social bookmarking phenomenon. There have been many clones since then but social bookmarking has always been Delicious to me.

The concept is simple and genius: you can bookmark any page for further reference, quickly find it when you need it using the combination of tags you associated the story with; moreover, you can access your bookmarks from any computer because they are stored online and share your favorite web pages with anyone.

It sounds so simple and yet so convenient that it is hard to imagine someone not using it! Of course, like any service, it needs some tricks so that anyone can customize it to match his or her specific needs and personality.

Today I am going to share the set of tools that help me make the most of Delicious bookmarks.

Organize and access your bookmarks

1. The improved official [NO LONGER WORKS] Delicious FireFox extension offers the comprehensive collection of tools for easier access and better management of your bookmarks. With it you can:

  • Bookmark to your browser and to your Delicious account simultaneously;
  • Access your recent bookmarks from the toolbar;
  • Bookmark any page with one click on an icon (either in the toolbar or in the status bar);
  • Search, organize, sort, access your bookmarks from the sidebar;
  • Sort your saved URLs by site, by date, by popularity (most visited), by last visited and alphabetically.

delicious addon   Delicious Toolbox : Organize Your Web with Delicious

2. Add sorting capabilities to your online bookmarks – use Sort Visible Links script (you should have Greasemonkey Firefox addon to install it).

3. Delicer is a Delicious browser. Basically, it’s a desktop application that shows you the list of your tags in the sidebar, the list of your bookmarks for each tag (plus the date when it was saved) and the actual page if you click on a bookmark. The tool also allows you to :

  • search through your tags;
  • search for the selected tag on Technorati and Youtube;
  • read Delicious Filetype (mp3, pdf, etc) and Media (video, audio) feeds.
  • synchronize Internet Explorer favorites vs.

delicer   Delicious Toolbox : Organize Your Web with Delicious

4. FavThumbs (no need to login – just give it any Delicious username) visualizes the bookmarks by showing you page thumbshots in a grid or carousel. It will also display the member’s tags in the sidebar for you to narrow the search:

favthumbs   Delicious Toolbox : Organize Your Web with Delicious

Analyze your Delicious bookmarks

5. Revealicious is a web based tool that helps you better understand your own web preferences by organizing and visualizing your tags. One of its tools – Grouper – organizes your tags into 3 sections based on how often you use them.

Another tool by the same service called SpaceNav visualizes the relations between your tags: by clicking on a tag, you’ll see it represented in a circle and its related tags – in neighboring circles. By hovering over a circle, you’ll be able to see related tags highlighted in the sidebar.

spacenav l   Delicious Toolbox : Organize Your Web with Delicious

6. Delicioussoup (this one is rather for fun than for enhanced usability) lets you analyze your bookmarks by visualizing tag relations in the form of soup blobs. Once you click on a blob, it will show you related tags / blobs and display its stats. For example, for ‘shopping’ I got: “Shopping: Used 15 times, for 16 posts, has 12 related”

bubbles l1   Delicious Toolbox : Organize Your Web with Delicious

Search Delicious bookmarks

7. [NO LONGER WORKS] Built-in search is the best way to search Delicious by tags. If you need to search for several tags at a time, just type them all in a row without commas. You can also access Delicious search instantly with the search plugin that comes together with the official extension mentioned above.

8. You can also use this handy bookmarklet to access Delicious search from any page: Search Multiple Tags – prompts for you to enter multiple tag names to search for pages bookmarked by everyone.

To make this Delicious toolbox even bigger, why don’t you tell us in the comments what Delicious tools you use?

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T.J. Mininday

Any idea if you can search Delicious for bookmarks via URL? When you use the built-in search, it only search’s the description as far as I can tell. Or am I wrong?

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You can search all of the contents of your bookmarked pages using Delizzy ( ), not just the tags, title and description of the page so it’s quite useful.

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Ann Smarty claims to offer extended search ability but it didn’t work for me (that’s why I didn’y include it into the list). – this one also looks cute.

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Matt Albiniak

Delicious is great for organizing your web, but how do you organize delicious? I wish there was a less clunky way of regrouping/tagging existing delicious bookmarks, something like a drag and drop, or just a better visual management tool.

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Wil Reynolds

Ann, thanks for sharing another great post

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Thanks for the information. Should come in handy :)

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I was aghast to find out what I thought were private delicious bookmarks had made their way to some webpage profiles. That is what I get for not reading the directions..sigh