Sick Of Yahoo? Move Your Tumblr Blog Into WordPress

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Are you sick of Yahoo’s meddling with Tumblr blogs? Time to relocate to WordPress. Here’s how!

Recently, Yahoo bought the up-and-coming blog platform, Tumblr. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ll have noticed that this came with more than a few changes, such as the domain settings for blogs using a personal domain.

Most notably, Tumblr seem to be trying to take a stand against pornography and blogs of a sexual nature, but also including LGBT support blogs in the process. Tumblr have removed the erotica category, filtered these tags to make sure these posts aren’t found easily, and recently went to the extent of taking these results out of every form of search, both internally and via search engines. They restored these results after a backlash, but many users are understandably fed up with Tumblr because of it. To make matters worse, Tumblr were unclear and sudden about their moves against this content.

If you are one of the many people who hopes to move their blog away from Tumblr, you might have realised there’s a flaw in this plan: Tumblr don’t have an export function. Yes, they really don’t want you to leave, but that’s okay: it’s possible to do it anyway. We’ll show you how.

How To Relocate Your Tumblr Blog

The trick behind relocating your Tumblr blog is simple. You can’t export the posts from Tumblr, but with WordPress, you can import them.

Some of you have just had your “Aha!” moment and will be off on your way to setting up a new WordPress blog without needing to read the rest of this article. Others of you may still want a talk-through of how it works.

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For starters, you will need to either set up a free blog or create your own self-hosted blog. Either will do, but read up on both before making the leap.

Importing Tumblr Into Blog

Importing your Tumblr is far easier than you would ever expect. Head to and start an account with a new blog. If you already have an account, you can start a new blog.

If you use a custom domain for Tumblr you’ll need to disable it to allow the WordPress import to work. To do this, go to your Tumblr dashboard settings for the blog and un-check the box to “Use A Custom Domain”.

In WordPress, look in Tools and you’ll find the Import section. A huge number of different blogging services can be imported using this tool, but today we’ll just show you the Tumblr option. Choose the option for Tumblr to “Import Posts From A Tumblr Blog To A Blog” and you’ll be asked to log in to Tumblr and allow access to

Click on “Allow” in order to connect your Tumblr account to Then WordPress will show you all of the available blogs from that Tumblr account. Choose the correct blog and click on “Import This Blog”. If you’ve suddenly realised you need to un-check the custom domain settings in Tumblr, you’ll need to refresh this page to make the “Import This Blog” button appear when you’re ready.

The status of the import will be shown in WordPress and you’ll get an email sent to you when it’s complete. It’s really that easy!

There may be a few issues with the import, but they will be noted in the email they send you, so you can check over each issue individually. Uploaded videos are imported to VideoPress, embedded media will be embedded to WordPress using the WordPress shortcodes.

Note also, that if you want to link your own domain to a blog, it will cost you $13/year for domain mapping and you will need to change your nameserver settings with your registrar. You may prefer to host your own WordPress blog if you have your own domain.

Getting A Tumblr-Like Theme

To find a theme similar to those you may have used on Tumblr, check out the Tumblelog tag of themes. Similarly to Tumblr, there are paid and free templates available and it doesn’t take much effort to trial different templates to see what you like best. Once your theme is chosen, you should check out the widgets available and manage where they will go in your theme.

Sharing Back To Tumblr From

If you go to Settings > Sharing you’ll see all the ways you can share your blog posts when they’re up, such as Facebook and Twitter. What’s really cool for Tumblr users is that you can also link back to Tumblr by logging in and sharing your WordPress posts automatically to Tumblr. This means that you can still keep your Tumblr active even when you’re really blogging with WordPress. It’s a nice way to stay active in the Tumblr community even though you’ve moved your blog elsewhere.

Importing Tumblr Into Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Here’s a quick guide to using BlueHost to set up your own WordPress install, but you can use any host you like. Most of the big name hosts make it as easy as possible for you in a similar fashion to this guide. Don’t forget to change the nameserver for any domains you previously had pointed to Tumblr. Once you have set up your new WordPress blog, follow the import instructions as shown for blogs. The process is exactly the same. Easy!

Will you be moving your blog away from Tumblr? Is WordPress right for you? Why/Why not?

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