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Have you ever opened one too many tabs Too Many Tabs? Firefox Add-ons to manage a TAB JAM Too Many Tabs? Firefox Add-ons to manage a TAB JAM Read More in your Firefox browser before? I’ll be the first to say that I do this all the time. So if you’re anything like me you’re probably tired of having to shuffle through your tabs like a deck of cards trying to find the right one you’re searching for.

Annoyed and overwhelmed by tabs one can say that it would be easier to have some sort of “mediator” between you and your Firefox tabs so that you don’t go mad and close them altogether. How about the addont to preview Firefox tabs as thumbnails. This is where Firefox Showcase steps in, an application I came across which helps you do just that.

Managing your Tabs

This new Firefox tab preview addon compatible with all Firefox versions 1.5-3.2a1 pre allows you to quickly summon a window that shows you your tabs in thumbnail sizes so that you’re able to scroll through the tabs you need. This way you won’t need to second guess on a tab before opening it. You’ll just need to take one look at the tab thumbnail and know exactly which one you need. This saves you both browsing time and hair, as you won’t have to tear it out due to Firefox frustrations.

How it all Works

1. First you’ll need to download Firefox Showcase.

firefox tab preview addon

2. Once you’ve downloaded, installed, and restarted your browser you can click on the tools scroll down menu in your browser window, find add-ons, and select the options button in Firefox Showcase.


firefox tab thumbnails

3. Now you’re ready to customize the way your tab manager works and views. You can tell the browser that you want the single showcase window to display your tabs in 200 pixel thumbnails or even smaller/larger sizes. You can also choose where you want your showcase window to display and how you’d like it to show you your tabs. These are just a few of the options and features that Firefox Showcase offers.

firefox tab preview with showcase

4. As soon as you’ve configured your new add-on you can find the button in the top right side of your browser window with the arrow pointing down, click on this button and instantly view all of your tabs in thumbnails.

Larger thumbnails:

Quick Overview

Once you’ve installed Firefox Showcase all you have to do is click on the thumbnail of the tab you want, and it’ll open up automatically. You can also right click on thumbnails to perform other tasks such as bookmark a page or send a page as a link.

You’re also able to select multiple thumbnails by left clicking and holding down the Control key [Ctrl]. The scroll ball on your mouse can be used to scroll through thumbnails. Use Control-F in Showcase to use the find bar and quickly search through thumbnails with keywords.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this feature please feel free to comment below! Any other great Firefox tab preview addons? Please share them in comments!

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