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If you’re a blogger that uses Windows Live Writer and Portable Apps, you’ll be pleased to know that you can have the best of both worlds!  Scott Kingery at TechLifeWeb put together a nice tool to make Windows Live Writer portable!

You will first need to install Windows Live Writer to obtain all of the program files (if you don’t have it installed already).

After you’ve installed Windows Live Writer, download and extract the contents to your USB drive.  Finally, copy all of the files and directories from C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer to the WindowsLiveWriterPortable\App\WindowsLiveWriter directory on your USB drive.   To run Windows Live Writer Portable, just launch WindowsLiveWriterPortable.exe from your portable drive.

windows live writer portable

For instructions, visit the Windows Live Writer Portable project page.

Did it work for you? If not, leave a comment here and perhaps we can help you.


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