How to Link Multiple Gmail Accounts Together in 4 Easy Steps

gmail logo2   How to Link Multiple Gmail Accounts Together in 4 Easy StepsOur lives are made up of work, friends, family, hobbies, events, clubs, and so on. Because our lives are so diversified we often have multiple email accounts. Gmail is a great, free email program that has a lot of functionality. If you have more than one Gmail account you can easily link them together so you can receive and send email from one master Gmail account and keep everything together without having to switch back and forth between accounts.

Here are the 4 steps you will need to complete to link your Gmail email accounts together:

Step 1: Add A Second Email Address
Step 2: Forward Incoming Mail
Step 3: Create a Label
Step 4: Create a Filter


Step 1: Add A Second Email Address

googlelabels51   How to Link Multiple Gmail Accounts Together in 4 Easy Steps

  1. In your Primary (the one you want to send and receive all of your mail from) Gmail account click Settings at the top right hand corner of your screen.
  2. Click the Accounts tag.
  3. Select Reply from the same address the message was sent to under When I receive a message sent to one of my addresses:
  4. Click Add another email address. A window will pop up.
  5. Fill in the correct information for your secondary email account and click Next Step.
  6. Click Send Verification. Close the pop-up window.
  7. Switch to the Secondary email account and click the verification link in the email sent from Gmail.


Step 2: Forward Incoming Mail

  1. Still in your Secondary email account, click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab found under Settings at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Type your Primary email address in the Forward a copy of incoming mail to box.
  3. Then pick an option from the drop-down list:
    – keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox
    – archive Gmail’s copy
    – delete Gmail’s copy
  4. Click Save Changes.

googlelabels9   How to Link Multiple Gmail Accounts Together in 4 Easy Steps

Step 3: Create a Label

  1. Switch to your Primary email account, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the Labels box on the left-hand side of the window.
  2. Click Edit labels at the bottom of the Labels box.
  3. Click in the box under Create a new label: and type a name for your label. You could use the actual email address if you want.
  4. Click Create.

googlelabels11   How to Link Multiple Gmail Accounts Together in 4 Easy Steps

googlelabels2   How to Link Multiple Gmail Accounts Together in 4 Easy Steps


Step 4: Create a Filter

  1. Still in the Primary email account, click the Filters tab, which is next to the Labels tab, and then click Create a new filter.
  2. Type your secondary email address in the To: box.
  3. Click Next Step.
  4. Click in the box next to Skip Inbox to select it.
  5. Click in the box next to Apply the label: to select it and pick the label you created from the drop-down list.
  6. Click Create Filter.

googlelabels4   How to Link Multiple Gmail Accounts Together in 4 Easy Steps

That’s it! Now, emails from your Secondary email account will download into your Primary email account and automatically go into the Label (folder) that you specified. Using Filters helps to keep your email separate and organized so you don’t have all of the emails from multiple email accounts going into the same Inbox.

googlelabels10   How to Link Multiple Gmail Accounts Together in 4 Easy Steps

You will also be able to send emails from both email accounts from the Primary email account without ever having to switch to the Secondary email account.

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Great tips, worked perfectly! Much appreciated!

Arun Shivaram

I’ve already been doing this for the past 10 months ‘n now i have 4 a/c under 1 a/c , including a google apps account.


From a long time, I have been thinking of trying this stuff as it makes life far easy..

Good that I saw this article…

Thanks very much!!!

Nate Smith

This can be done even quicker by simply adding a pop account in your gmail account settings and changing your settings so that your account replies with whatever email address the message was sent to.


Don’t forward the mail. Use the POP3 functionality. Works much better and you don’t have to screw with a filter. Plus, you can use this to import all the mail from the old account to the new one.


The one downside of Gmail and this setup is that even though you select the particular “From” address, saavy email users will still see (in the full headers) that the email was sent from your master account.




I set this up months ago – only to recently find out that when I send emails as one of the other accounts (ie,, people getting my messages see the From line as “ sent on behalf of“. If anyone knows how to get a straight From address without the ‘sent on behalf of’, please let me know!


I’ve done this for a while now. The only thing I don’t like is when someone replies to my email it will show that my message was sent On Behalf Of Basically showing an email address I’d wanted to keep private. :( But otherwise I think it’s great.


The only problem I have is that Google doesn’t fully mask the sending address when you’re “sending as” another account.
Recipients get emails that say “from on behalf of“.

Any solutions for this problem?
One thing to note is that this doesn’t happen with all recipents. Just those using Outlook and Yahoo or Hotmail I think.


Gmail will not hide the “sending as” email address in the header because that is email address spoofing and is a clear indicator of spam email. If Gmail tried to exclude this info in the headers, most email providers would treat your email like spam.


Of course, by doing so, you are in violation of Gmail’s terms of contract. They say you are not supposed to have more than one gmail account:

For the record, I have been using this same setup for awhile now :)


I tried this for use on a couple of days ago before reading this article. But I pretty much used the exact same steps. The problem I ran into was that whenever I would send an email (or reply) using the secondary email address, it would also mention my primary email address in the FROM:. I did all this so that I could send emails from an anoymous address.

ie.; on behalf of; Jane Doe []

Please tell me how I can fix this.



These steps work great. How about importing the old mail into the new mail account so you can manage it? Any hints for that?

Wendy Limauge

To import your existing email go to your Secondary account and create a filter using these steps. You would need to disable the forwarding and use a filter instead on the secondary account for this to work.

1. Click Filters under Settings
2. Click Create a new filter.
3. Type your secondary email in the To: box and click Test Search. This will bring up all of the email you have already received on this account that is in the Inbox.
4. Click the “All” link to select all of the messages or just select what you want.
5. Click Next Step.
6. Type your Primary email address in the Forward it to: box
7. Click in the box that reads, Also apply filter to XX (the number of messages) conversations below.
7. Click Create Filter.



I had just been setting up new accounts and forwarding them.
This seems more flexible, thanks.


Did no one of you checked out the settings panel before? I linked all my e-mail accounts with gmail and the other accounts are not gmail…


“This can be done even quicker by simply adding a pop account in your gmail account settings and changing your settings so that your account replies with whatever email address the message was sent to.”

True, but the problem with adding a pop account via Gmail’s mail fetcher is that it only checks that account about once every hour. Whereas, with the email forwarding you get new mail from pop accounts instantaneously.

The Windows Fix

Great post, I have been doing this for a while. The one flaw with this that I’ve seen, is that when you send to an Exchange account, it does display the GMail address with ‘On Behalf Of’.

Danny Brain

Does it add the “Sender” header as it does with accounts?
E.g. my work email is pulled into GMail via POP and I have configured GMail to let me send from that address as well.

But it adds headers like this:
From: “Danny Brain”

So e.g. in outlook it comes through as:
From: on Behalf of
Or somethign along those lines.

Just watch it if you dont want your “catch-all” gmail account to be made public :)

Wendy Limauge

@ix – thanks for your comment. I like your idea of using a pop account in your gmail account. This is another great way of linking accounts. Wendy

not perfect

if you are getting email messages sent not directly to you (your email address is not in “to” field), but to a mail-list, or your email address is in “bcc” (you can’t see that), so you have no way finding to which email address the message was sent to (which email address spammers are spamming to).

and for that “from on behalf of“, no, there’s no solution to this, other than do not use gmail.


if you are getting email messages sent not directly to you (your email address is not in “to” field), but to a mail-list, or your email address is in “bcc” (you can’t see that), so you have no way finding to which email address the message was sent to (which email address spammers are spamming to).

and regarding that “from on behalf of“, no, there’s no solution to this, other than do not use gmail.


I’ve done this before too. Another not so obvious problem is that you’ll miss out on email that gets accidentally caught in the Junk Mail filter of your secondary account. Retrieving these emails requires switching logins to remove the junk mail label. I’ve found it best for me just to enable IMAP on all my gmail accounts and then use desktop mail software to manage my messages. Despite the fact that I love the gmail interface, it’s really not functional at all if you need more than one address.


Note that there may be mail sent to the secondary address where that address doesn’t actually appear in the “To” field. This will often happen if the secondary user is subscribed to a mailing list, for example, in which case the list address usually appears as the recipient. I wish Gmail checked the full header to see which of the addresses the message is intended for so the filter would work reliably in the presence of mailing lists.


Not just Gmail account, this works for any of your mail. Some time back I wrote one similar article explaining how to map all your emails to Gmail.

You may would like to read it too.

Your Information Site

Thank you very much for the gmail tips. I’ve been using them since they first started and have 5 different accounts, and I still didn’t know how to do this.

Wendy Limauge

I am so glad I was able to help with my instructions. Thanks for stoppng by


There is one more problem – mails sent from the secondary email are not forwarded to the primary email. That means to search all of my emails at once using the primary account is not really possible. Another problem is that sometimes I get a mail to both the accounts and it will be nice if gmail were able to recognize the duplicates and merge them.


Pretty in so much luck to find this impressive guide. The instructions together with detailed screenshots are so comprehensive that I managed to get my own multiple accounts done without stress. You are indeed my life saviour! Looking forward to your daily updates! Truly enjoy your Makeuseof.


Is there a way to keep your gmail address from displaying when sending mail from one of your other email address via gmail? I use gmail for my work email and every time I send an email from work, using my work email address it always shows my gmail address in the upper right of the email. I don’t really want them knowing my personal email address. Can this be fixed?


Minor adjustment:

Steps 3 and 4 seems to be reversed
By the way, I’m using the most recent gmail… your instructions may be for an older version?
So many times things don’t work for me, and I – step by step – try to follow, and I wasn’t sure where to click next.

God Bless, and THANK YOU! For my “fun” accounts, it takes some of the burden off my overworked Outlook – used for business!
God Bless!


How can i stop receiving mail from another please ????????

Smart buttocks

Step 1 – do these 7 steps.
Step 2 – do these 4 steps.
Step 3 – do these 4 steps.
Step 4 – do these 6 steps.


How about this situation:

My wife and I both have a GMail account as We also have a GMail account with this adress: What we want to do now is receive the email from that shared account in our personal accounts. I’ve tried the following without any luck:
– Create POP3 accounts in both personal accounts but this results in only one of us getting the message depending on how fast our client checks the mailbox
– Create one POP3 account and forward all mail to the other account. This results in the forward account receiving everything and the pop3 account receiving nothing.
– I’ve tried to put both our personal addresses in the forward all mail field but that is not acceptable by Google.
Anyone got any clues on how to make this work?


I’ve figured out a way but this will only work with 2 addresses I think.

In the shared mailbox go to settings and then “forwarding and pop3″ and fill in one personal address in the “forward all mail to” field and make sure to “keep gmail’s copy in inbox”. Then create a filter that targets all mail (in my case all mail sent to the shared address) and then forward that mail to the other personal address and (optional) mark it as read, so it doesn’t clutter up that inbox to much.

This might work with more addresses if it’s possible to recreate the same filter a few times, I haven’t checked on that.


And what about the labels that I have in each individual account where do they go when filtering into the labels inside the new account?

Are we having labels inside of labels now?


J Bilodeau

Regarding the issue “X sent on behalf of Y” that many posters here have raised:

One solution is to set up the accounts, forwarding and filtering as described above, but do not delete the original message from the secondary recipient e-mail account when it is forwarded to the primary gmail account. Use the primary account to monitor incoming mail in the secondary account and to reply to this mail where disclosure of the primary account address is not an issue. But where such disclosure would not be desirable, log into the secondary account and reply to the message directly from the original received message that is still there.

The only disadvantages to this method are the necessity of still using secondary accounts directly when disclosure of the primary account address may be undesirable, and the necessity of cleaning out the secondary account inboxes occasionally if the possibility exists of filling up those inboxes such that those secondary accounts could not receive new mail.


Great post, made my multi-gmail addresses much more manageable. Also, found out to my dismay that MS mail doesn’t allow forwarding to a non-MS address : (

Hunter McMillian

This is great! Thanks!

RoTimi Waddy

This is helpful. I followed this tutorial and am quite pleased at the ease of this process! Thanks. However, after reading some of the user comments on here, I went back into my current Gmail settings and chose to use the POP option instead to retrieve messages from my other Gmail email address. This seems to be a better, more reliable option. I’m sure its just a matter of opinion. I suggest anyone else to also try just enabling your email address to be downloaded directly into your email addresses through your POP settings. It seems to be better. But thanks for the article, it got me going on the right track.


So here’s a mind twister for you:
My problem is that I have one gmail account which I share with 4 people (business) and we all have our own gmail accounts.
How can set it up so that all mail received in the shared account is forwared to all 4 other accounts?

please help


very useful, thankyou very much!

T Mosley

Great tutorial. Thx!


Perfect for what i need to solved all my problems when G-mail manager addon for Firefox broke.

Niche Website Builder

I link multiple POP3 email accounts to my Gmail account, but I didn’t think it was possible link multiple Gmail accounts. Thanks for sharing!

It’s actually a fairly simple process that has been under my nose for quite some time.


Mine has packed in this last week, have Google changed their system?

Any advice appreciated.





I have an issue where I have setup my family/wifes gmail account with mine/work gmail (in the “Send mail as” section), I was only trying it out really!!. We use Pop download & take the option to “archive gmail’s copy”. Works great as all emails are on the web if needed, but have the convenience of using Outlook normally. Only problem is I get a copy of any emails I send to my wife/family delived to my Outlook inbox! Seems I can’t delink the other email account without deleting it, too scared to try the delete option as it seems it will delete the account itself!?