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Trello lists and cards can be hard to keep organized because they lack important visual cues. Fortunately, Trello allows you to upload image covers to cards, and this one simple feature will double your Trello efficiency. Here’s how to do that.

When you drag and drop an image onto a card, Trello automatically makes it the card’s “cover image”. One way to make use of this feature is to add image-covered cards at the top of every list. Basically, you can think of these cards as picture bookmarks.

If you want to swap out one cover for another, just drag and drop the new image and Trello will automatically use it as the new cover. If you want to make a cover from an existing image attachment on a card, open the card and click Make Cover for the image you want to use.

Do you see the benefit here? As long as you’re using appropriate images, you can take one look at the card cover and tell what a particular list is about. Instant recall! You don’t even have to read the list’s name. Of course, you can also add covers to any of the cards, not just the ones at the top.



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Have you used Trello card covers in this manner? Which other cues, visual or otherwise, do you rely on to navigate Trello faster and better? Share them with us in the comments.

Image Credit: Color Tag Bookmarks by kldy via Shutterstock

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