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QuizzesThey say, personality quizzes were invented by women and popularized by women’s magazines. But you can come across so many amazing quizzes on the web today that I am sure men can’t help taking them too.

Today’s post is all about having fun with quizzes: just a few tools and tips to keep you busy in case you are bored (note: most of the online quizzes you’ll find are just for fun, don’t take them too seriously).

Create your own personality quiz:

Quiz school allows fun and easy-to-use tools to create your own personality quiz:

  • Start with creating a title and a description for your quiz. Add relevant tags (tags will be suggested, just start typing);
  • Add results: this is what a respondent will get at the end of the quiz. Choose “Add More Result Types” to create as many results as you wish.

create an online quiz

  • Customize the look and feel of your quiz: choose the color scheme or create a color scheme yourself. Add messages to go before and after the quiz. Set the quiz public or private, (dis)allow comments, etc:

Quiz options

  • Choose your quiz category and proceed to the questions.
  • Type your question, add possible answers and match each answer with a corresponding result:

Create quize: add answers

  • Share your quiz: embed it to your blog or favorite social media profile.

Search for quizzes:

Feeling like taking some random quiz but not sure where to find one? In these cases I usually use the StumbleUpon button and tag search or just turn to Google. Consider using creative search queries to let Google choose the topic for you. A wildcard (*) operator is great for that: use it to substitute one or several words in the query:

Make a difference:

Want to have some fun, train your brains and be useful? Try taking this quiz by Free Rice – for each answer you get right, they claim to donate 10 grains of rice throughout the UN World Food program to help end hunger. In this case, you can justify wasting your time by doing good. And it’s a challenge too: if you get it right, you get a harder question. If you get it wrong, you get an easier question.

make personality quizzes

Back in our early days, MakeUseOf already published a post about fun online personality tests Who are you? What your pig drawing, browser type, fav. drinks, etc. reveal about you! Who are you? What your pig drawing, browser type, fav. drinks, etc. reveal about you! Read More . Check it out, while some of them quite sound, others pure speculation”¦ but they’re all fun.

Any more tips to have fun with online quizzes? Share them!

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