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Online music stores have brought tons of advantages. You can buy your favourite music without ever leaving your seat, and buy single songs instead of whole CDs.

Sadly, they also brought some bad things; DRM amongst others.

With internet as a news medium, a lot of companies saw their chance to deliver a strike to piracy, by introducing new levels of security. Sadly, this had an immense effect on the everyday music lover as well.

The (then) new DRM protection refrained users from pirating, but shielded them from a lot of their proper rights as well. Consumers could now only put their songs on a limited number of devices, or burn them to a CD a limited number of times.

Also our beloved Apple went all-in on this, chaining audiophyles all over the world in a way that would’ve given most other companies tons of trouble. After quite some time they’re discussing other protection formats, but there are still plenty of DRM songs out there that need to be freed.

Freeing Your Music From DRM

remove drm from mp3


Today we’ll look at how to obliterate your music’s DRM protection restrictions.

Mind, this is for lawful purposes only, so you can enjoy your music the way you want to. Don’t rob old ladies, steal babies, or use this method for any piracy-related activity.

There have been several different DRM-freeing methods. New ones have appeared and others have disappeared, due to the constant patching/cracking race.

Two methods have always remained though, both using an analog backdoor.

The CD Burning Technique

This is probably the most easiest (free) way to rid your music from DRM. The process is simple. We burn our music to an audio CD, and rip the disc to MP3.

In theory, any application can be used, but in reality most protected files only work with specific programs like iTunes, Napster, Windows Media Player and such.

The principle is always the same. Burn the files to a CD, and rip them back to your computer.

iTunes How-to

Burning the files is relatively simple. First, we create a playlist, and fill it with the DRM protected files.

free your music from itunes

Next, select the playlist and burn it to a disk. There’ll be a button at the lower right of the screen, or you can use right click on the playlist.

remove drm from itunes

Once this is finished, we’ll specify the ripping format. In iTunes, go to Edit – Preferences, and press theImport Settings button in the General tab. Here you’ll be able to choose the desired encoder.

remove drm from mp3

Finally, insert and rip the burned audio CD to your computer. You can also use other applications for this, in which case you won’t need the previous step.

Stream Copy Technique

The principle is even simpler than before. We play the songs, and record the audio output to a new file.

This one will work always, but is a bother at the very least. Freeing large batches of files will almost be impossible, as each time the conversion must be started and terminated manually. There are applications that will do this automatically, but sadly none of them are free; those that were are abandoned and stopped working.

A good, free and simple recording tool is Audacity. To capture any audio, simple press the record button at the start and at the end of the song.

This is a tiring process, and is more of a way out than an actual solution.

Do you know another way out to free your music from DRM, something we missed? Or are you having problems with the methods described above? Tell us in the comments.

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