How To Fix 99% Of All Computer Problems

Computer problems. Even the most experienced users have to deal with computer issues occasionally. Sometimes the most trivial things will cause a computer to malfunction. Different problems require different solutions; but it mostly boils down to troubleshooting. To help fix 99% of all PC problems, ICP Networks came up with this genius infograph.

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fix pc problems   How To Fix 99% Of All Computer Problems

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I dont have a
windows disc, so is it
possible that i boot
my laptop?its a toshiba satellite…because
it doesn’t want to
boot automatically,
and i think the boot sector is corrupt or
something.,help me
if u know any
shortcuts. How can i
boot Or repair boot
sector, without a
windows disc?


Most laptops come with a recovery partition that is hidden on your hard drive. Before you start up windows go into the F8 menu and click repair, it should boot the recovery partition.

Justin Pot

So, so very tempted to just say “have you tried turning it on and off again”. But I won’t. The recovery partition thing is what I would try first.

Tika Maya Thapa

Really , it works in my case .

Cleyson R

But firstly you need to check if it is plugged in

Brandon L

That might sole the problem! In my family, I’m the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to Computer problems.


LMAO! ;)


Down with this sort of thing!


Oh yes – very droll, I’m sure! Unfortunately, also very true!

Jagat J


Lye Foo

Very true. Long press on the power button in case it cannot be turned off :).

Jackson Chung

If that doesn’t work, pick it up and throw it against a wall.


hahaha that’s bound to solve the issue!


Who made this? Roy Trenneman?

Dominic C

If it doesn’t work?




This may be a good catchcry in The I.T. Crowd but only an idiot would propose it as a solution for 99% of problems.

MakeUseOf TechGuy

You’re right. 95% is far more realistic!

Jackson Chung

No, more like 97%

Justin Pot

It’s 96%, guys. #fairandbalanced

MakeUseOf TechGuy

Meh, your step 3 is incorrect. It should read “buy a Mac”.

Justin Pot

MUO needs a dislike button, that removes points from users.

MakeUseOf TechGuy

And gives them to me, for being awesome? Thanks man, you’re the best!

Justin Pot

I will destroy you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. You won’t expect it, but suddenly everything you hold dear will come to naught. On that day you’ll realize the extent of my hatred and despair.

MakeUseOf TechGuy

Awww, you really know how to make a guy blush man ;) Could not wish for better friends than this! Besties 4ever?

Justin Pot


Jackson Chung

Oh get a room! ;)

Mike G

Works every time !

Mark A

What does it above do? OK…i’m gonna try and resta


Such ***, because 99% of endusers already know this. This is the same as advising a new Mercedes if the ashtrays are full. Or, Let them eat cake.

it’s about ALL the OTHER problems that won’t go away with a reboot, hard or soft.


OMG so hilarious xD


Years ago for ‘Secret Santa’ I drew a co-worker who was about to move to the IT department. I gave him a bucket labeled ‘IT for Dummies”, filled it with 2″ wooden “dice” with stuff on the sides like “clear cache” and “update software”, but every one had ‘reboot’ on 5 of its 6 sides. He laughed his @$$ off and kept it at his desk for years, and everybody played with it ;-)

Jackson Chung

That’s genius!


And so many people think I am the stupid one when I tell them this….LOL. The funny thing is my pc is so rarely “broken”…..four times in the last 15 years…..and all my friends call me with their pc problems…like I am a computer god…I don’t think so…but somehow I always fix them.

Sash P

Step 2 is Totally Wrong. It should be “dump it in the bin”. Then Step 3 would be “Get a Mac”

Jen Barber

Roy, is that you?

Jen Barber

Roy, is that you?


First thing you should actually do is figure out the cause rather than cure the sympton or it’ll just reoccur. It’s a lot quicker if you have experience and understand what kind of symptons lead to what, but for people without you should first check the physical state of the HDD with utilities such as Seatools or Western Digital DST. If they pass long tests without damaged sectors, do a memtest to check the RAM. If that does 2 passes, check the filesystem with chkdsk C: /r (Yes to schedule on reboot) from the command prompt. Then check for signs of a virus, look for randomely generated filenames in Users\[Your user]\AppData\Local & Roaming, as well as ProgramData (Move/copy anything you’re not sure about, so you can put it back if things go wrong. Have another OS like Ubuntu on CD ready if anything major happens so you can still access the filesystem to reverse anything you did). Usually generated files from a virus sit on the roots of those folders, outside of all the subfolders (Google a few the first time around as there are a few but not many that are standard (Around 3). Anything google gives no results for is usually a generated virus file, but again move or copy if you arn’t sure). Then (even if you can’t find anything) do a full scan with Malwarebytes. If it picks things up do additional scans with Spybot S&D and Combofix. If after all this you still don’t know, check the Eventlog in Control Panel > Admin tools > Eventlog. Click on Windows Logs > System as well as Application. Check for errors and google the descriptions for possible solutions. These are the standards, but there are a bunch of other things you could try like sfc /scannow, readiness tool and checking the log, rebuilding and reregistering the WMI, cleaning up the registry with CCleaner, uninstalling junky software and toolbars (Usually Regbooster, or Optimizers, things that try to indicate they’ll speed up your PC, because usually it ends up being the opposite over time), and disabling things you don’t need running on startup from MSConfig (Start > Msconfig in search or in run if you’re on WinXP. Startup tab). Good Luck.

Adi S

Aggred… This solves my laptop’s slowness.

Krzysztof B

That is absolutely true. It’s the first thing I do when my device (PC/Smartphone/TV/Whatever) starts to malfunction. In most cases it helps. When it’s not i try this again. When all symptoms are all the time the same or worse, then i search for some tips in internet.

Firdaus M

the format is 100% can fix the problem

Thomas Kainz

This is absolutely the first thing I ask my clients when they call me with PC issues…Have they rebooted their PC first? If they haven’t, I wait patiently while they do just that and then we go from there and in about 20% of the cases, we need go no further.

Myint Hlaing


Sambit Acharya

LOL..Clicked on the article as soon as i saw it hoping to become a computer wizard. Ended up giving myself a good laugh….:). Funny but true


Told my wife:
If i’m ever on life support,
unplug me…
then plug me back in..
See if that works..

Jackson Chung

Woah, that’s risky. I don’t think the human body follows the same principle.


This actually DOES work, and the reason is surprisingly simple. Basically, as programs get more and more complicated, programmers are faced with more and more possible “states” from which their code needs to recover. Add in the interaction between programs, and the interaction with the OS, and some conditions are bound to arise which lead to an unknown state which the programmer didn’t plan for. However, any programmer worth their salt will be able to recover from a cold start. Hence, why reboots work.

Another thing to try, especially with laptops, it to completely disconnect all power, including the battery, for a few minutes to allow all data in RAM to discharge.


I need a t-shirt with this printed on it

Pratyush R

“Customer: Pardon me, can you just repeat again from the start”< A Windows User


I’ve been thinking about going back to a traditional abacus for my computing needs.

At the very least, Bill wouldn’t get his mandatory, but entirely undeserved cut of my most recent “upgrade purchase”. And trust me… it would, indeed, be an upgrade from Windows 8.

Plus, I could focus on choosing my preferred painted-wood color scheme rather than worrying about all that complicated “plugging-in business”.