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how to make an faqWhy WordPress? These days, many people run their blogs with WordPress.  WordPress, simply put, is an easy-to-learn and use blogging platform originally created to help people manage their own blog.  Today, there are more and more people actually using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) to run full-fledged websites!  Sure enough there are more and more people turning to WordPress because of how easy it is to use!  For this reason I thought it to be helpful to share an easy way to make an FAQ page on a WordPress-hosted blog.

Why an FAQ page?

An FAQ (frequently asked questions) page can help your blog or site in several ways.  For instance, it could save you the time of answering the same questions over and over again (check out SnappyFingers, a search engine that only searches FAQs for more targeted results than normal search engines).  It could add some credibility to your site in the eyes of newer visitors.  I also hear that it can help with your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  So, if a plugin can make the process easy; why not add one to your site, right?

About the plugin

I came across this plugin by accident but I couldn’t resist trying it out.  It’s called FAQ Builder and it’s made by Square Compass.  There are a few aspects of FAQ Builder that make creating an FAQ page easy.  First of all, creating and managing your FAQ page is simple.  Secondly, receiving, moderating and answering questions from readers is effortless.  Let’s see how easy installation and setup is!

How to install and set up

Installing plugins is a cinch with WordPress these days!  From the dashboard of your WordPress site, navigate to and click on “Add new” under the plugins menu.

how to make an faq

In the search field, type in “FAQ Builder.”


how to make an faq

The correct plugin should show up first on the list (cross your fingers!).  If not, just look around a bit, you’ll find it.  We’re looking for the one by “Square Compass.”  Click Install.

how to make an faq page

Click the orange “Install Now” button.

how to make an faq page

Click “Activate Plugin.”


Now you should have a nifty little orange icon added to your tool bar so you can setup your FAQ page easily.

how to make an faq page

If you click the FAQ Builder link you’ll be given options such as adding new questions, editing existing questions, and adding the FAQ list to a page on your site.  If you actually want to add the list someplace, simply use the short code given and it will populate it for you.  Very easy.  There’s also a short code to add a search field to the page.  This is also the place you will moderate questions submitted by your readers.

You’ll notice there is also a place where you can add categories for the questions.  This will help in the organization of your FAQ page.  If I’m not mistaken, once you have so many questions it will automatically make separate pages to make the list more manageable for your readers.

As you can see, Square Compass’s FAQ Builder turns making your own FAQ page as easy as filling in a few fields and moderating a few questions from readers.  I personally never really considered making an FAQ page for my blog until I saw how easy it really is.  Here’s a link to the FAQ page I’m working on for my own blog.

Do you have an FAQ page on your site or blog?  As a reader, do you find FAQ pages helpful?

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