How to Easily Compress Video Files for Web with Movie Maker

compress-video-files-for-webWithout a doubt, the advancement in technology and faster Internet connection have enabled people to share their home made video with others more quickly and easily. Be it the video you took during your travel or a video of your baby’s birthday, with few simple clicks, you can get it online and attract thousands of viewers instantly.

One thing though, before you upload that video of yours, it is important to get it compressed to the smallest possible size so that your movie can be more easily watched by people over the Web. Luckily, you do not need to be a tech guru to be able to compress your video files. If you are using Windows XP and above (excluding Windows 7), you already have a great tool in your Start menu that allows you to compress video files for web easily – Windows Movie Maker.

For some reasons, if your computer does not come with the Window Movie Maker, you can download it from the Microsoft website for a price of FREE.

In this tutorial, I am going to illustrate how you can compress a video file for web to half its size with Windows Movie Maker.

As seen for the screenshot below, the video file that I used for this tutorial is of size 61.8MB. Let’s see how much we are able to compress by the end of this tutorial.


Open up your Windows Movie Maker. Click on the Import Video link on the left pane.

compressing video files windows movie maker

Select the video file that you want to compress and import it into Windows Movie Maker.

Drag the movie to the timeline.

compress video files for youtube

If you want to edit and add effects to your movie, you are free to carry on. If not, proceed on by going to File->Save Movie File.


Select a location in your computer.

wmm-save location

wmm- save name

When it comes to the Movie Setting page, check the box “Other settings” and select “Video for broadband (340 Kbps)” in the dropdown option.


Alternatively, you can also choose the Video for broadband (512 Kbps) options, which mean the video will be streamed at a higher bitrate (and a bigger file size).

Click Next to start compressing the video file. It will take sometime while the Movie Maker compresses and saves the video file.

The Result

The following image is the screenshot of the video file after compression. You can see that there is a whopping 64% reduction in the video files.



To say the truth, Windows Movie Maker is nowhere comparable to a professional video editor software. However, taking into account that not everyone is a tech guru, Windows Movie Maker has done a great job in simplifying the process of compressing video file for web and make it easy for almost everyone to use.

As can be seen from the tutorial above, it is VERY easy to compress a video for the web and the result is impressive. Best of all, it comes preinstalled in your computer, so there is no need to search, download and install. Though it is not the best, i don’t have much complaint about it.

What about you?

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