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Do you permanently delete a lot of emails Let Outlook Rules Manage Your Email Inbox Let Outlook Rules Manage Your Email Inbox Clever alerts and filters can help you stay on top of your email inbox. Outlook desktop and offer a feature called "rules" and we'll show you how to set it up. Read More in Outlook, thus ending up having to confirm your decision over and over?

Outlook How to Mark Up Your Outlook Inbox with Conditional Formatting How to Mark Up Your Outlook Inbox with Conditional Formatting Every email is a potential distraction. We'll show you how to use conditional inbox formatting -- rules, priority flags, and color categories -- in Outlook to keep your inbox clear and your mind clutter free. Read More makes it easy enough to delete all of the emails in Trash permanently, but it pops up a box asking you to confirm every single time. Of course, this box is meant to save your butt by preventing you from saying goodbye to an email forever by mistake.

If you frequently get rid of emails forever, and you aren’t worried about mistakes, here’s how to disable that confirmation box, and save yourself some valuable time.

First, click File on the main Outlook window. From there, click Options on the left side of the screen. Now, click Advanced and scroll down to the Other section. Uncheck the box “Prompt for confirmation before permanently deleting items.” Last, click OK, and you’re all done.


Just remember, these emails will gone forever, so give it a little thought before you click that button!


Do you delete your emails forever, or do you prefer to keep them just in case? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: Sergey Markov via ShutterStock

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