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Create and Embed Brain GamesIt is always good to provide your blog readers with some fun they can entertain themselves with: this encourages people to share your content and boosts your site subscription numbers.

Last week I discovered a cool free tool that makes it possible to create online brain games and embed them to your pages.

ProProfs is a web-based tool that lets you choose among multiple brain games in various categories (crosswords, puzzles, logic games, sudoku, etc) as well as build word games and customize them to your site topic.

The process is really quick and smooth (to start creating games you will need to register at the site), here I am showing just one brain game sample of those you can make there (just for you to get an idea).

Let’s start with one of the most enjoyable games to create and play: a sliding puzzle.


Creating & Solving A Sliding Puzzle

I actually never thought solving a sliding puzzle online may be such a fun (especially if you create one yourself). What you need to do is to go to sliding puzzles at ProProfs site (which lists quite a few already) and click “Create a Sliding Puzzle” in the upper right corner.

There you will be offered to choose a picture either by searching for it using Google Image Search or providing its direct URL or even uploading it from your computer.

Let’s say your site is about sunflowers, so you might probably want your puzzle to feature a related image:

Proprofs: choose an image

The more tiny details there are on the image, the harder the puzzle is going to be; I am choosing the easiest one here. After clicking “Create My Sliding Puzzle” you will be offered to provide:

  • The game title;
  • The game description;
  • Relevant tags;
  • Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard);
  • Numbering of the tiles (if you want the tiles to be numbered or not).

Create a sliding puzzle

Now you can try solving your own puzzle to test it; I am embedding it right here:

Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

Now you can create more fun brain games and embed them to your blogs:

  • Word search games;
  • Online crosswords;
  • Jigsaw puzzles;
  • Hangman games.

I am thrilled to hear your thoughts. Do you like the idea? Are you aware of other similar tools?

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