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timeline coverNot long ago, my colleague Tina wrote a brilliant article on how to create amazing Facebook Timeline cover pictures How To Create Amazing Facebook Cover Pictures For Your Timeline How To Create Amazing Facebook Cover Pictures For Your Timeline The Facebook cover photo crowns your Timeline. You can choose a stunning photograph and keep it simple or create an eye-catching composition. No place on Facebook is better suited to show off your creativity and... Read More , with some very useful guidelines and ideas on how to make your Facebook profile pop. Timeline photos are a hobby of mine, and while I don’t change mine too often, I love trying out tools that help to create them, and last year I told you about the 6 best places to design your own Timeline cover for free The 6 Best Places To Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover For Free The 6 Best Places To Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover For Free Facebook’s Timeline profiles, while creating an uproar when first introduced, are here to stay. As the only Facebook profiles available, they cannot be ignored, and if you’ve so far neglected to create a nice Timeline... Read More .

As you can imagine, things change in the Timeline arena. Facebook has changed since, changing the way profiles look along the way, and Timeline photos are now bigger and more prominent than they used to be. In addition, some new tools have popped up that can help you reach that coveted goal: an awesome and original Timeline.

When creating a Timeline cover, you can go two ways: choose a great photo, upload it, and hope it fits your Timeline and looks good there, or create something from scratch. This can be an edited version of your photo, and go all the way to includes collages, layered images, text, etc. I already told you about several tools that can help you create a unique Timeline cover of your own How To Create An Original & Unique Facebook Cover Photo Without Using Photoshop How To Create An Original & Unique Facebook Cover Photo Without Using Photoshop A while ago, I told you about the 6 best place to design your own Facebook Timeline cover for free. All these places are still great, and Timeline is still very much with us, so... Read More , and today, I want to tell you about a new one, bearing the “original” name of Timeline Cover Photo Maker.

Creating A Timeline Cover From A Single Image

Timeline Cover Photo Maker, or TCPM, as I will refer to it from now on, is a free-for-all Web app that can help you edit your selected photo (or photos) to perfection, and download an image that will sit perfectly in its slot above your profile picture. It doesn’t add any watermarks to your finished product, and only asks politely that you like the company’s Facebook page. If you don’t want to, you can still download your image.

timeline cover

Unlike a manual upload directly to Facebook, TCPM lets you see exactly what an image would look like sitting on your Timeline. Not only that, the difference between the way it looks on upload and the finished product can be quite outstanding.

facebook timeline cover

The first thing you’d want to do after uploading your image is playing with the zoom, and dragging the highlighted area of the picture’s thumbnail to decide which part of your image will appear in the cover photo.

facebook timeline cover

You now have multiple ways to edit, adjust, and tune your image. If you’re the DIY type, use the Color Adjustment sliders to adjust your hue, saturation, brightness and contrast. You can also change the sharpness and rotate the image from the same tab.

The Color Presets tab includes what we usually refer to as filters, but these are not as pronounced as the ones you’d find on Instagram, for example. The presets can be used for all sorts of color adjustments, from colorizing to tinting, and further adjustments can be made to them via the Basic Edit tools.

facebook timeline cover

The Effects tab is where it gets really interesting. Not that the offered effects are ground breaking in any way; rather, it’s the way you apply them that’s pretty original. The Effects tab lets you “paint on” photo effects such as blur, tint, black and white, and sketch. Simply choose what you want your brush to do (e.g., paint on color or paint on black and white), and take full control over your picture.

cover photos for timeline

When you’re satisfied with your work, click the Download Timeline Cover button and upload the result to Facebook.

Adding Layers: Text & Additional Photos

Timeline Cover Photo Maker is not only about getting the perfect colors and effects. If you have the patience and the creativity, you can use this tool to create something more unique than a simple image. The Upload Photo option lets you add as many photos to the cover as you want, letting you zoom and crop them out as you wish.

cover photos for timeline

Unfortunately, you can’t start the process until you’ve uploaded a background image of some sort, and since there’s no way to leave the background blank, you may have to create a blank photo and create your collage on top of that. Alternatively, you can use a background image and enhance it with more photos. Each photo can be adjusted using the same filters as the background image. There are endless ways to be creative with this, so, please, use them better than I did.

cover photos for timeline

It’s also easy to add text to the mix using the Add Text tab. The tool offers a respectable selection of fonts, and includes some basic edits such as color, drop shadow, and glow.

timeline cover


Timeline Cover Photo Maker is not perfect. For one, the interface is not always the most convenient, the different filters and options are hard to scroll through, and the brush tools are not as intuitive or useful as I would like them to be.

And yet, it’s a simple tool that can help anyone, including users who’ve never edited a photo in their lives, create a beautiful and creative Timeline cover photo that’s by far better than what they would achieve without it.

What did you create? Do you have a favorite tool for Timeline covers? Share everything bellow!

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