How To Connect Your Cell Phone To PC Through Bluetooth

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As many of the regular MakeUseOf readers will know, I tend to do a good few posts about cell phones and cell phone applications such as How to Use Your GPRS Cell Phone as a Modem or my Snaptu article.

In both of these articles, I described connecting your cell phone to your PC via USB cable. However, there is another way; Bluetooth. This will work in precisely the same was as a USB cable in terms of transferring data but it eliminates the need for a cable (I’m told many budget phones are being shipped without USB cables).

You’ll need two things for this to work:

  1. A Bluetooth-enabled computer. Most laptops now have Bluetooth and so do some desktops. If yours doesn’t, you can buy a USB Bluetooth adapter cheaply on sites such as EBay.
  2. A Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

Go to Control Panel under the Start Menu and look for ‘Bluetooth devices’ as pictured in the screenshot. If you’re using Vista, select classic view to display all of  the icons. Click on the Bluetooth icon. The window below should open.

how do i connect my bluetooth to my cell phone

Click ‘Add Wireless Device’ as seen in the screenshot. Before scanning for devices ““ turn on Bluetooth on your cell phone.

The exact location of the Bluetooth setting will differ depending on the model of the phone however it will normally follow something along the lines of:

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Menu > Settings> Connections > Bluetooth > Turn On

how do i connect my bluetooth to my cell phone

Now scan for devices on your computer. It should pick up your cell phone. If it doesn’t, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and ensure that your status is set to ‘Visible’ or ‘Detectable’. Your phone must also be within 7 meters of your PC to ensure a connection can be established. Once you have done these checks, search again.

When your device is detected, click on the phone’s icon to connect. You may be asked to enter in a security pin. Enter something easy like ‘1234’. You phone will then ask you to enter in said pin. This is not a specific number but rather done just for paring purposes. Once you have done this correctly the connection will be established as though the phone were connected via USB cable.

If you disconnect or simply power off your PC, the connection should be saved. That means that when you turn back on your PC (assuming both Bluetooth setting are still activated) the connection should resume itself. Your PC may launch a pop-up in the bottom right hand corner at the task bar asking your permission for the connection. This is for security reasons and depends on your security/firewall settings.

Your phone should now be visible under ‘My Computer’ so you can transfer files, etc. Note that Bluetooth can be pretty slow for transferring large files such as videos or establishing an internet connection.

Make sure that you turn off the Bluetooth on your phone if you won’t be using it again for some time. It consumes your battery like crazy and is also a security issue.

What do you use your phone’s Bluetooth connection for?

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i upgraded to window and i don’t see the blue-tooth in my control panel



Using the windows Bluetooth drivers I wasn’t able to access all the features of my phone, only using it as a modem was available. I installed bluesoleil and now I can download/upload photos, contacts, and calendars. All I wanted was to be able to get my photos off and the windows drivers wouldn’t let me do that. Might have been the cheap eBay dongle.



Unfortunately, the only way Verizon allows my (their) phone to access anything is through their incredibly expensive service. They will not allow any direct transfer using either USB or bluetooth. To transfer a picture from the phone to my computer 2 feet away, I have to send it through their system. The only reason I put up with their BS is the phone and basic service are provided free by the company I work for.

Dean Sherwin

That sounds awful. I’v never heard of that. I’m in Ireland an if you ant to transfer something to your phone its as easy as drag and drop in most cases. Never heard of the network getting involved. I might try to find a way around that and do a post.



I use bluetooth if I need to charge my touch pro2 while using my phone as a modem. Speeds are about the same as when its plugged in USB so its not even noticeable but the phone is so power hungry that the USB power supply is not enough.



Instructions were very helpful up to the point that I tried to transfer photos of darling grandchild from the phone (Samsung Instinct) to the PC. The phone recognises the printer nearby, but is not showing the PC. The PC knows about the phone, so I’m not at all sure what to do next … success seems always a click beyond my understanding.



Bluetooth is more insecure than WEP. I could do a drive by attack on it easily.



hey what do you do when the bluetooth driver has been disabled?
I used the bluetooth facility on my laptop b4 it went 4 a repair and now the blutooth doesn’t work. what do i do?

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