How To Block Annoying Ads in Firefox

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Advertisements have become an inevitable part of our life, invading almost every realm. Sometimes they are harmless and easily ignored, but they can appear outright annoying and then again some ads may be too tempting to pass on. But honestly, how often did you find random ads useful?

On the internet it’s not always possible to avoid banners, ads or pop-ups. Firefox offers several different ways to control what is shown to you and what will remain hidden, blocked or covered.

1. Built-in Options

Per default, Firefox can block pop-ups, not load images, and not run Java or JavaScript.

Conveniently, exceptions can be set very easily, so that selected sites can be granted additional rights, such as launching pop-up windows.

However, when you really want to control ads and potential spam, you will have to befriend extensions.

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2. Flashblock

flash blockFlashblock is the absolute must for blocking Flash advertisements. Blocking Flash also helps to save computer resources. Just as the built in pop-up and image block, this extension allows you to build a Whitelist for Flash-driven websites you would like (or have) to view in all of their beauty.

Additionally, blocked material is indicated by a placeholder on that website which allows you to download and view the Flash content as you please. Flashblock requires JavaScript by the way.

3. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is much stronger than Flashblock, but it can also be more difficult to handle. This extension can block all kinds of ads and filters can be set manually to block specific items. The most convenient solution is to subscribe to filters which will automatically block most ads.

Lists should be selected carefully though, as some may slow down the browser. However, it’s save to choose from the filters offered per default.

Add Block Plus - block flash ads firefox

4. YesScript

YesScript - block ads firefox As opposed to NoScript, YesScript takes a different approach. It assumes that not all JavaScript is bad, so it doesn’t restrict it per default. Rather JavaScript remains enabled and pages are blocked via a blacklist, that you take full control over it via the browser status bar or options window.

Surely, the security aspect is undermined with this extension. The advantage is less initial maintenance.

5. Add-Art

Add-ArtThis little extension doesn’t help to block art but it helps to make blocked ads much nicer.

It works in conjunction with Adblock Plus and recognizes when an advertisement was blocked. It then ads an art image to decorate the blank space, turning your browser into a small art gallery. Unfortunately, it can not replace all script-based ads.

The displayed images change every two weeks, when the current show is updated. If you don’t like a current show, the only way to escape the images is to disable the extension until the next update. This could be improved.

How do you perceive ads? Do you tolerate or fight them? Please share your experience!

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Comments (23)
  • Mander

    Most of the time if a site is clogged with irritating ads, the content isn’t worth viewing anyway.

  • Dzinerfusion

    Its funny, how bloated your site is with ads :P

  • TiboM

    Now you can replace ads by your own images with AdChange giving a more personal way to your web browsing experience

  • Disgruntled Netizen

    ArmpitNext, your logic is flawed. While some sites survive on ads or the site’s owner doesn’t have an actual job and his high-traffic site is is only source of income, that doesn’t give the owner the right to put content on his page that is intrusive and disrespectful to his viewers.

    The alternative is less-intrusive text-based ads, and while they are not as valuable right now, once society starts blocking obtrusive advertisements as a whole (and I believe it will come to that, as that pretty much happened with the pop-up/pop-under), and all that remains is text (and maybe, MAYBE a reasonably sized static image), advertisers will hopefully catch on.

    These monstrous, immoral Flash-based advertisements that play annoying audio, take up 3/4 the page, and scroll all over actual content are unacceptable, and those who use them as a sole source of income should either get an actual job, live on the street, or convert to text-ads.

    If someone disrespects my browsing preferences, I shed no tear over the effect on their so-called “livelihood” when I block their intrusive advertisements.

    Also, any advertisement that looks like a window SHOULD suffer legal repercussions. I am tired of removing “MALWAREâ„¢ BRANDâ„¢ Anti-virus” from less-than savvy user’s machines.

  • Nobody

    I see some of comments pro and con advertising. Would like to add my view too.

    Though I understand that some internet sites just use ads to stay alive, to pay the bill etc, I also understand that they don’t care about trying to select what they want to advertise, or enforcing some correct behavior from their advertisers. More than that, many sites are just using any borderline mean to attract visitors so that they can record another click and be paid, while the visitor has just some garbage to read at the site.

    On the other hand, ads is not free for the visitor, it is hideous most of the time, irrelevant to the current centers of interest, expensive in computer resources, invasive, now coming with audio which is a level farther on the scale of discourtesy. Ads just expect the visitor to be naive and a brainless consummer. Some ads just try to prevent you from using your computer normally, which is just illegal, but they don’t care, everbody is doing it so…

    So definitely I don’t care for advertisers, for product advertised (I just try to remember the brand to never buy it), and for site owners that don’t select the content of their page, but leave this duty to some silly bastards who live from this disgraceful activity.

    On the other hand, I respect and support to all possible extend sites that use ads with care and never try to have me doing thing I don’t want to do. I respect those that are respectful.

    For those people who will be forced to close their pages because they don’t have money to pay the hosting, I not sorry for you. You chose the wrong model to become rich, you choose to bypass your visitor will and pleasure, and you just forgot that at the first place you should have tried to make the internet better, not worse. Think about that again.

    There are plenty of sites that just do things for free. Their owners have no time to push garbage all day along on their page, because they have another job for a living. So they just elect to publish content they cherish, and they don’t ask to be paid for that. So I do.

    Don’t try to enforce the model that is killing the world, this model may well be dead soon. Just try to be smarter, because we need that kind of new behavior to make the world just a little better.

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.
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