How To Automatically Silence & Restore Your Phone To Ringer Mode [Android]

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silence android phoneSchool is about to start for many of us, which means lots of repetitive taps to silence your phone every morning. Even if you’re not a student but are working instead, you probably also need to repeat this procedure every morning, unless you want to go through the embarrassment of your phone ringing during an important meeting.

If you interact with your phone every day, chances are, your daily routine doesn’t involve many changes. If so, why not automate the process and make life easier for yourself? With the following free apps, you definitely can.

Silence Your Phone On A Weekly Schedule With Silent Time [Android 2.2+]

If you have a set schedule every week and know exactly when you need to silence your phone, Silent Time might fit your needs. It is a small and simple app that lets you assign blocks of time to specific events when you’ll need your phone to be silenced.

For each event, you can select the start and end times, the days of the week, and whether or not to enable vibration. When an event in Silent Time is activated, you will see an indicator in the ongoing section of the notification bar.
silence android phone

You can also enable exceptions for specific or all events so that if you need to receive calls from a specific contact, they will be able to bypass silent mode and make your phone ring or vibrate. There is also a Quick Quiet mode in the Menu Options that enables you to set your phone on silent mode for a number of minutes, which could be handy for one-time events. In the Settings screen for Silent Time, you can also select whether to enable notifications, sounds, set the clock on 24-hour mode, and whether your week starts on Monday.

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Temporarily Set Your Phone On Silent Mode For A Number Of Minutes With Phone Silencer

Phone Silencer is a very simple, but functional app if you usually forget to re-enable your phone’s ringer from silent mode and finding out you missed a bunch of calls or text messages. Sound familiar? Phone Silencer can help relieve your pain with no almost no learning curve.

Once you install this app, you will only get an instruction screen with lots of text. The way this app shows its functionality is when you use the volume up and down buttons to set your phone to vibrate or silent mode. Once you’ve set it, a popup will appear asking you to set a time when you want your phone’s ringer to turn back on. If you mistakenly set it to the wrong time and wish to cancel that, you can simply set your phone to another mode instead of the one you just set your phone to.

silence android phone

These are simple apps that focus on silencing your phone and restoring it to ringer mode without fuss. There are many other profile-saving apps that can perform these apps’ functionalities, but include many other features that you may not need. If you want some dedicated apps that can simply do the job, definitely try the aforementioned apps as the Android system doesn’t include a way for you to restore your phone to ringer mode automatically. That’s definitely one of its annoyances.

Do you know other simple apps that can silence your phone on a schedule? I’ve seen some that try to set your phone on silent mode according to events on your Google Calendar, but I haven’t found one with high enough ratings to recommend to our readers. If you know of any, please let us know in the comments!

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Busy Me silences your phone based on events in Google Calendar and works quite well. I’ve used it for at least a year. Rated 4.7 in the Play Store.


Ahmed Khalil

nice tool but google calendar can do same, also alot of other softwares can do more


Vampie C.

I use Llama.

It silences your phone according to the location you are, the time of the day and dozen othher conditions can be used.

It knows your location by recognizing phone masts.

So NO GPS is needed to know your location.

It works flawlessly. :-)

I also use Shush!
When I siulence my phone automatically, it asks for how long it needs to be quit. :-)



Llama can silence your phone (and other things) based on location using cell towers instead of GPS so it doesn’t suck up your battery. The great thing is it’ll turn off your ringer, etc. in a certain area and will turn them back on when you leave the area once you’ve set it up, so it doesn’t depend on your schedule (though, you can schedule events, too). The learning curve may seem a little steep and there’s occasional hiccups on fine-tuning locations, but I’ve found it really useful and never worry about turning my ringer on/off.


Gideon Waxfarb

I know it’s not exactly related, but what’s the best way to put my phone in silent mode when I’m ready to go to sleep, such that it would automagically text anyone who tries to call or text me, letting them know that I’m asleep? And allowing them to reach me if they call or text again? Basically the same as ‘do not disturb mode’ in IOS 6?


If you snore a lot, maybe you could set up some sound-triggered event that detects the snoring and sets your phone to silent mode at that moment… Or how about duck taping your iPhone to your face, aligning your cam to your eye, then using the “Lazy-Lame-Silencer” app so that it detect that very moment your eyes close for good…

Then again, you could simply do it manually when you’re off to bed ;-)

Gideon Waxfarb

Right, that’s what I mean… do it manually, but have the phone auto-text anyone who tries to contact me, and the ‘bypass’ feature I mentioned in my first post.


I use llama for this. When I sleep I always connect my mobile phone to the charger. When charger is connected then silent mode is activated. You can also automatically sent a sms. You can also add a time period to this rule in case you want only to go to silent mode when you charge during night.


Ashwin Ramesh

cool tool!



I use Shush, it is great not only for school, but the movies or anywhere you don’t want your phone to ring. just turn down the ringer volume and your phone will ask for how long. If you want to turn it back on before the time is up, check the notifications bar and click Shush to restore your ringer volume.



nice tool thnx


Usman Mubashir

Some mobile sets are just so hard if you want to change simple settings.


Shakirah Faleh Lai

I don’t use any third party software to silence my phone, should give this app a try.



Or you could use an app like My Class Schedule, that not only does just this but also keeps your whole timetable, homework, exams, …


liam ellery

something i never thought could be done, thanks for opening my eyes!


Akash Kotak

thanks 4 that


surya reddy

Fantastic app…. But people prefer to silent manually rather than automatic settings


Kedar S

Try out this app, it has all the features of the above apps combined … Silencefy .. Silence the phone according to schedule or by location or as per calendar keywords. Also has battery saver options.

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