How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

add subtitles to movie avi   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV SeriesOne of the first things I do before watching a movie is add subtitles. Not just with films in languages I don’t speak well, like Japanese, but even with English films or television series, like House MD.

Especially with a television series like House MD, if I want to keep up when they start throwing around names like pneumothorax or retinoblastoma.

Today we’re going to look at a few different ways of how to add subtitles to a movie or any other video file. We’ll be discussing both the soft and the hard way – overlaying subtitles by means of software, or burning them directly into the videos.

Add Subtitles To A Movie File Using via Overlay Method

We’ll start out with the overlays, as this will be the fastest and most easiest way of using subtitles with your movies. We’ll show you a few alternatives, because contrary to popular belief, I do think people want things to choose from.


Available for Windows 3 02 2009 20 15 49   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

This is an external, minimalistic application that runs from the taskbar and uses a DirectShow filter to overlay subtitles. This means that you can use it with nearly all video players, ranging from Media Player Classic to Real Player.

The wonderful thing about DirectVobSub is how little you need to do, and how little you notice it. By default, no additional set-up is needed.

directvobsub10   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

DirectVobSub automatically looks for subtitles that show the same name, both in the videos as in a subtitles folder. Of course these settings can be tweaked further in the program settings, if thought necessary.

Nowadays DirectVobSub is a standard addition in most decent Codec Packs, like K-Lite. Otherwise, it can always be found here.

[NO LONGER WORKS] VLC media player

Available for Windows 3 02 2009 20 15 49   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series Linux 3 02 2009 20 17 38   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series Mac 3 02 2009 20 13 24   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

VLC media player is thought to be one of the best media players available.

One of the great things about the VLC media player is its standard ability to overlay subtitles. Besides, the application can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

There are a few ways to get our subtitles. The first, and probably easiest way, is to put them in the same folder under the same name – VLC media player will then automatically load them when the video is opened.

Additionally, you can always add subtitle files through the ‘Advanced File Opening’ or the ‘Browse for Subtitles…’ options – located respectively in the File and Video dropdown menu’s.

3 02 2009 20 26 46   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

The application can be freely downloaded [NO LONGER WORKS] from the site. There are also portable versions of VLC media player available. You can find the Windows version here, and the Mac version here.

Subtitle Burning (AVI)

Tutorial for Windows 3 02 2009 20 15 49   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

Burning in subtitles means that we’ll put them directly into the video source. This has the advantage of being playable on every platform (even PSPs and iPhones), but the process takes a lot longer and you won’t be able to remove the subtitles afterwards.

Usually, subtitles are burned into AVI files. We’ll show you how to add subtitles to avi movie file in the tutorial below.

Files you’ll need:

Step One: Installing Software

Let’s start out by installing the software.

VirtualDub doesn’t have an installer, so it can be unzipped right on your desktop or in another folder of your choice. No special options are required during the Xvid installation either.

3 02 2009 20 44 11   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

During the VobSub installation, please make sure that you’ve selected both “VobSub for VirtualDub” and “TextSub for VirtualDub and AviSynth” under plugins.

3 02 2009 20 49 38   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

You’ll also need to specify the directory where you’ve unzipped VirtualDub.

Step Two: Preparation

Start by opening the VirtualDub application – open the VirtualDub.exe file in the unzipped folder – and open your AVI file.

3 02 2009 20 56 15   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

Next, we’re going to be enabling the TextSub filter. Navigate to Video -> Filters -> Add… and locate it in the list.

Select the TextSub filter, and press OK.

3 02 2009 21 03 45   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

3 02 2009 21 04 32   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

In the pop-up window, press “Open” and browse to your subtitle file. This file must be in one of the supported subtitle formats (srt, sub, smi, psb, ssa, ass).

When You’re ready, press OK.

3 02 2009 21 15 27   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

Back in the video dropdown menu, make sure you’ve got Full processing mode selected, and go to Compression.

3 02 2009 21 19 21   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

Here you need to select one of the available codecs. Xvid does a great job for a free codec, and that’s the one I used. You can alter some settings, and tweak the quality of the video if you press Customize – however, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’d best leave it be.

Accept everything when you’re done.

3 02 2009 21 22 16   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

Also make sure that the program’s set up to do a Direct stream copy of the audio; this doesn’t need any processing.

3 02 2009 21 27 11   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

Finally, save the video somewhere on your computer, and wait for the process to finish.

3 02 2009 21 30 00   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

This can take quite a while and is quite memory extensive, so you might want to leave your computer alone for an hour or two, and do something else for the time being. If you’ve got big files to process, you can run the application at night.

3 02 2009 21 34 47   How To Add Subtitles To A Movie Or TV Series

I hope you found this guide helpful and were able to learn something from it. If you’ve got any hints and tips, or unanswered questions, you can find the comments section below.

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Bill Bell

I haven’t tried out this advice but it looks extremely useful. Thanks very much for taking the time to provide it, Simon.


Hey man, there is an easier method – using Virtualdub and Subtitle workshop.

Simon Slangen

Looks like the same method to me, just in less detail ;-)

Bart Moore

Anyone know how to embed subtitles in an mp4 so they can be toggled on/off with iPhone / Apple TV, etc? We really just want one file, not the video file with a companion .srt text file. I’m not eager to deface my videos with burned ‘hard’ subtitles (who is?) but I still _need_ subtitles. Can anyone help???



Bart, Use “Media Player Classic” or “VLC Player” to use soft-subtitles that can be toggled on and off.

Use “VOBSUB” to overlay subtitles on other media players during playtime. my videos!


this method takes long time to finished.tell me alternative method

Marthinus Raath

I never before saw how to do this – but I like the idea thereof. I am slowly but surely getting convinced that VLC is the best out there. I wrote about it on my blog. I often found that other media players would get out of lip-sync, but somehow VLC handles it very well.
Thanks again for this tip – this rocks.


what if there is no TextSub. file? like in Music Video files. using VirtualDub, i opened a music video file and cant seem to locate the TextSub file. now what?

Simon Slangen

The TextSub file does not depend on the type of video, it’s there or it’s not.

Are you sure you installed the program correctly? (see instructions)


Thank you so much for the quick reply. Yes, i got up to the part where i had to locate the TextSub. None was found. so is it the video? or installaion problem?

Simon Slangen

Installation problem probably.

You need to check “TextSub for ……….” during the installation. This ought to put the plug-in there for once and for all.



I redownloaded, reinstalled. stil lthe same problem. im using Vista. The virtaldub version 1.8.8 Ill try a movie instead of music videos. when i unzip, there is no window that allows to to click on plug-ins.


i cant figure out what to do. i know its a simple thing, but its not working for me. Im using Vista. i downloaded the Virtualdub for vista, installed it and nothing. cant find the “Textsub” file on the video i opened. help!

Simon Slangen

The TextSub file is installed during VobSub installation.

At the start of the install; – Choose Components – , expand the Plugins list and select TextSub, like in the article picture.


i have the same problem, maybe its vista/windows 7?


Thank you for this article , really is very interessent

watch movies

Thank you for this article.


Dude… thanks.
I knew nothing, now I know all I need to do this subtite thing.
Major thanks


Just subtitled my 1st video thanks to this step-by-step


i cant install vobsub checking the “VobSub for VirtualDub” and “TextSub for VirtualDub and AviSynth” under plugins,causing errors and stops the instalation

Lynn LU

For mac users:
here is a cool freeware ffmpegX which can help you easily add subtitle files ( srt and sub ) to Videos on mac
just follow this gudie:
( How to add srt and sub files to videos on mac



I was confronted by difficulties with movie subtitles. They display earlier than I need it. Movies assist me in my English studying. I watch and hear but I do not understand all yet. In that case my eyes go down at subtitles. But it relates to next phrase that will be said. And I have to return slider back each time when I need to understand what is said at screen. It is uncomfortable. So I solved this problem. I wrote mega small application to shift subtitles appearance time. Furthermore it resulted simple in use.
I could provide you this application with exhaustive help for general usage. I thank you for your work that I may get subtitles to any movie. And I want to contribute my share.

Simon Slangen

You can do one of two things.

a) Edit subtitles
You can ‘delay’ (positive or negative) the timing of your subtitles. I recommend using Subtitle Workshop.
[Picture how-to]

b) Edit timing – temporarily
Some media players, like VLC, allow you to adjust the timing of your subtitles – while you’re watching – by simply using the hotkeys. Press ctrl+j to decrease, or ctrl+h to increase the subtitle delay.

NOTE: This can only be done before are burned into the video (using the second technique). You will need to have them in a separate file, like srt or sub.


i did everythin as mentioned bt i found that after burning the subtitles thier timing was incorrect (title appear way be4 the audio…….) sir …its really frustrating!!!!!

Simon Slangen

Read the above comment.

Note that when planning to burn the subtitles, only the first technique will pay off. (the difference lies in adjusting the subtitle timings, or auto-correcting them while playing – obviously the latter is a mere temporary fix)


this was by far the easiest , i can not thank you enough

watch video

Thank you for this article


Thanks for this, it’s running now.

I was using ConvertXtoDVD which is good and very easy to add subs but it only burns to DVD, Quality is very good though, hardly any loss.

This will save me using a disc, and it’s easier than it looks now you have shown me how, so thank you.


:(( don’t know why but when I add the filter the program will not open my subtitle file :( what could be the problem ?
the subtitle is a supported file (.sub)

Simon Slangen

Have you tried other subtitle files? If that doesn’t work, I’d re-install everything, while keeping a very close eye on the steps described in the article. A single missed checkbox could mess up the whole installation.


It subtitled twice …
Have I gotten anything wrong ?

Simon Slangen

I’d think you’ve got two filters doing the same job, e.g. VobSub and ffdshow. During playback, both of these ought to be visible in the system notification area of your taskbar (bottomright). Right-click one of them and disable functionality.

Another possibility is that you’ve got a video player with integrated subtitle support. This would make the use of an external filter like VobSub superfluous.



It’s a useful guide! But i’m having some trouble. The size of the avi-file with subtitle becomes too small. About 300mb? How come?

Simon Slangen

That probably depends on the used video compression codecs.

watch videos

Thanks… It’s a useful guide.


thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks very much but i have a problem with the language i ont know what is this language i have choosed english sub but it apears in the video in another language like that ( úåøâí îùîéòä ò”é\nr0bert-Ã¥ )
plzzzzzzz help me i need help


Hi, on my website I have a program which is called Sido and you can subtitle .srt subtitle with it. It doesn’t require instalation and it’s freeware. It runs in a browser window so for char set tweeking you just change the page encoding from the browser. The website is

music videos

Thank you for this article…



Simon, you’re a genius. The only problem is that the link to this site is on page 3 of a Google search. I wasted a lot of time on crappy solutions before I got here!

For others – Follow the download/install instructions to the letter, especially about choosing the TextSub component at the start of VoxSub installation.

watch movies

It’s a useful guide.


Simon Slangen

Have you tried other subtitle files?



It’s a useful guide!



Thanx !! Great info… A detailed and thorough guide indeed.


Hey… It really works!! Amazing stuff… Thanks a ton!!!!

Simon Slangen

Of course it does! :-D Glad to be of help.


I couldn’t find textsub. I still am a problem with it.

Simon Slangen

It’s included in the VirtualDub installation (just be sure to select it like in the screenshot)


Just to say Thank you the VLC player works a treat I never knew it was so easy!

watch movies


It’s a useful guide!


gd site….


after the install of vobsub it need:You’ll also need to specify the directory where you’ve unzipped VirtualDub.when i am click next window show me error and stop the vobsub……any help


hi, i did not do the second option. i downloaded the directvobsub. i have tv show episodes on my computer, i downloaded subtitles from a site, i have them now on the computer (compressed) but the WMP and VLC do not find them. so shld i try the second (longer, more complicated)way? i have no internet usually,is that why it wont work?

thanks for any help.

Simon Slangen

You mean the first option? Overlay them temporarily while watching?

You should name the subtitle the same as your video file, and put them in the same folder. (everything unzipped)

With DirectVobSub installed, your video players should now detect it automatically. Otherwise, you can still browse manually to the subtitle file using VLC, as demonstrated in the article screenshot.

Good luck!


and i have windows 7


another problem, when i go to virtualdub and go to video-add filter, i dont see the subtext. what am i doing wrong?


Thank you very much!))
i had the DirectVobSub, but then it stop working suddenly without any reason, so i use the VLC now)) thanks


thank you so much just got my 1st video thanks to this step-by-step

watch movies

It’s a useful guide!



Hey thanks buddy….gr8 work…
i m using it to add english subtitles…thanks a lot!

watch movies

It’s a useful guide!




Interesting reading… I am looking to add subtitles to a film, is there a step-by-step guide for doing so? The film is ‘little Lord Fauntleroy’ (1980 – with Alec Guinness) and the subtitles should be in Dutch. How easy/hard is this to do, is there a ‘dummies guide’ or has anyone done this one before?

Any help / comments greatly appreciated!



jus very good very useful


Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve just tried it out with a small variation. I had to use the vosub filter in the list of filters rather than the textsub which wouldn’t work for me.

I’m running Windows 7 x64 with a quadcore cpu. A 700mb typical avi is taking me 25 minutes to render using xvids multi core processing. That’s with the highest details enabled, including the post processing filters within xvid.

Very happy with the results. I’m ending up with 1.4gb movies instead of 700mb but I wanted to retain every last bit of quality I could during the recoding of the video so don’t mind this. And the CD is dead to me so no cares about trying to match that size heh.

Again, great tutorial and hope these additional details can help someone in a similar situation as me.


simon, right?

for some reason i couldn’t find the TextSub 2.23 when i tried to add the filter.
any ideas why?