How To Add A Simple Search To Your Blogger Blog

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Every blog should include a search feature. If a reader has to click on every page or in every category to find what they are looking for then they may leave out of frustration. Adding a search feature will make your reader happy and it is easy to do.

Many of the Blogger templates do not include a search box. These simple instructions will show you how to add one to your blog.

Note: These instructions are for (Blogspot) blogs.

Add search box to blogger

Follow these simple instructions:

1. Log into your account.

2. Click the Layout tab from your blog Dashboard.

3. Click Page Elements.

4. Click Add a Gadget above the section you want to put your search box in.

5. Click the plus sign next to HTML/Javascript.

6. Type Search this site (or whatever you want) in the Title box or leave it blank.

7. Copy and paste this HTML code in the text area.

  • To modify the width of the search box change the size=”XX” number.
  • To center the search box add <center> before <form… and </center> after </form>.

<form id=”searchthis” action=”/search” style=”DISPLAY: inline” method=”get”><input id=”search-box” name=”q” size=”25″> <input id=”search-btn” value=”Search” type=”submit”></form>

Add a simple search box to your blog

7. Click Save.

8. Click Preview.

9. You may have to drag the search gadget into a new area until you get it positioned where you want it to show on the blog.

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10. To test the search functionality click View Blog.

Add a simple search box to your blog

Now you have a simple way for viewers to search your blog and the results will appear embedded in your blog so the reader isn’t taken off onto a new page or a site that doesn’t look like yours.

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Nice find ,there is also search in blog feature also available in Blogger navbar.



I’m a little dense so maybe you can explain the use of this blogger search feature.

If a person comes to your blog and isn’t familiar with your content, how would they know what to type into the search field and as venkat mentioned, there is already a search field in the nav bar so it would be repetitive to have both (unless one has gotten rid of the nav bar).



This search trick is for a blogger blog that does not already have a search feature. Some templates already include a search box while others do not.




Thanks for the explanation. I thought maybe I was think-headed and was missing something there.

When I finally decide to rid my site of my nav bar, I’ll use the one you’ve provided.



Ted Murphy

Heh, worked for me, thanks!



very good.thanks.



nice one. many thanks!



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fbg b



Hi Wendy

I followed the instructions but the search button shows up , but it doesnt work .I can type in the query to search but cant click on the search button to get results.

Wendy Limauge

Steve, Did you ever get the search box to work on your site? I took a look and it looks like you are using the Google search feature now.


Hi Wendy,

I did add teh search box but it did not work , it was just a static button .That’s why i replaced it with the google search .I would love to use the search box …




thanks a lot for this!



This is what i have been looking for. I have removed the blogger navbar and I´m really missing the search function.

BUT SADLY, this does not work on my page. I only get two text boxes the top one emty and the bottom one with the text “searh”.
What is wrong, please help me


try this slightly adjusted code:



Hey thanks.. workin great..
How can i add Previous and next links to my blog entries??



The code has a slight error (at least for my site). As with others who have commented, I couldn’t get the ‘search button’ to show up and work. Here is the code without the extra quotation marks:

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