How Many Browser Tabs Do You Have Open Right NOW? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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poll results august 18   How Many Browser Tabs Do You Have Open Right NOW? [MakeUseOf Poll]

This week’s poll question is: How May Browser Tabs Do You Have Open Right NOW?

Love our t-shirts? The best comment in this poll will get one of our geeky t-shirts. That’s right, for free! So get commenting!

This week we’re focusing on your browser. No, we’re not interested in which browser you’re using, how many add-ons you have, or how many browsers are installed on your computer. We’ve been there. This week, I want you to stop right where you are, and look at your browser window (or windows). How many tabs are open right NOW? 2? 5? 10? 20? If you’re reading this poll from your phone or tablet, count your open tabs on your mobile browser. If the only open tab you have open is this poll, your answer would be “one”. Start counting from there. Let’s see what your habits look like!

Want to share which tabs are open? How many windows you had right at that minute? Or maybe you had multiple browsers open which skewed things a bit? Tell us everything in the comments below.

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Right now i have 2 tabs open an, 1 in each window but most of the times i have over 5 and prefer to use 2 windows split in 19″ 1440*900 display.


I have this page, another one that I want to look at later, then four app tabs: Facebook, Google Calendar, my personal email, and my school email.

Jerry S

Easily over 20, 10 of which are usually pinned tabs. In other words, always available to me every time I open the browser.




3 pinned and kept opened – plus 1-3 more depending.

Anne Lyon

School Mail, facebook, Weightwatchers, ActiveLink, an article about a running app, feedly, makeuseof, a vegetable butterfly app. This is very typical for me, many times there are even more open. Sometimes I will close them down to about 3 or so, but within a couple of minutes, have a bunch open again! My browser also opens up to about 6 pinned pages.


20+ on Firefox and IE 11. Chrome is a POS.


I don’t have any tabs open right now, actually. I’m using an RSS feed reader.


I currently have 824 tabs open in Firefox. Screenshots available upon request.

Saumyakanta S

do you own a mainframe ???

Yaara Lancet

Seriously? 824 tabs? On how many windows? More importantly, why??

Rama M

so you have some 256 GB RAM and dual processors (4th Gen Intel Core i7) ??
yo man , How can you manage all that tabs ..? you need a program for finding the tab ! lol !!

Lupin A


Bumferry H

I have G+, gmail, blogger, Outlook, Facebook and twitter open at all times as these are my most used sites.
I usually have at least one other tab open be it MUO, BBC news/sport/weather, I09/Lifehacker/gizmodo, Amazon or my online banking.
I know I shouldn’t have so many open, but It can be annoying opening and closing tabs over and over again especially when I want to share from one site to another.
One day I will learn . . . but not just yet!



Don’t ask. :)



when it gets to 120 – once every few days – i save the session, and start afresh.

my shrink is thrilled.


THIS! I thought I was the only one with a “problem”.

Zinc Whiskers

In Firefox…7 tabs pinned…278 total…damn news feeds.
Bad habit of keeping things open rather than bookmarking.
The Showcase extension helps to manage.

40+ in Chrome.

Yaara Lancet

Impressive! And people told me I have a tab problem for 20 tabs…


66 in Firefox, eight in Chrome. Another 51 in an RDP session on another machine I’m using simultaneously.

Were I to look globally across all the machines where I’m logged in and doing something, plus all the tablets and mobile devices, it’s probably somewhere around 400 – 450.

Some of the tabs have been open continuously for as much as four years, too.

Yaara Lancet

Wow! Can you give an example of a tab that’s been open for 4 years? That’s probably a world record.


I have lots of tabs that have been around that long. I usually have a window of persistent content that I look at every day or two that includes things like my calendar, many of the web comics and blogs I keep up with and some pages that I update myself.

I’ve been using the Firefox Session Manager extension for years to maintain all my tabs and windows and ensure that my browser environment stays with me even in spite of my fairly regular computer upgrades.

Marte B

I seldom have more than three tabs open. Usually only one. Don’t need tab proliferation. :)


Reading the previous replies, I feel inadequate. Most of the time I have 2-3 tabs open, I rarely go over 5 tabs.

Yaara Lancet

Don’t feel inadequate. I’m sure 5 tabs are enough. :)

Mike Henry Sr.

Right now on my personal laptop it’s 16. At the end of a work day on my work laptop it would be greater than 20. I close the extras when the box is running slow.

Rama M

One tab in phone ..! Actually I ve read this article in Pocket ..
but came to here to notify MUO that there is one typo in the heading ..!
MAY instead of MANY

Yaara Lancet

That’s hilarious!! I’ve read this title over and over again and never spotted it! Thanks for pointing it out, it’s a bit late to fix, but I’ll do it anyway. :)

Rama M

:) for fixing ! but I ve found that very easy ! may be tough for other eyes !


9 tabs.


4 and one of them is playing music from grooveshark’s html5 website using nexus 7 (not the 2013 one) default browser and using cyanogenmod ROM


43 across 3 windows . . . with links to another 796 on my OneTab page.


I’ve 47 open currently, in vertical tab bar (treestyle tabs).


ff 108 chrome 36


45 tabs (4 pinned tabs + 41 regular tabs) in one Firefox window.

Mark A

6 only

Junil M

i have work related site, news and makeuseof at the same time. i enter a site and then browse another and when i finish the current site then move on to others. i also like to open every link in a different tab which gives me freedom from moving back and forward with sites. this is much better.

Paul-kristjan A

I keep my tab count as low as possible. As simple as that!

Chew J

Computers are getting more powerful these days. It won’t hurt much if you opened more than 15 tabs.


There should have been an option that said “Too many”.

We currently only have one computer in the house that the whole family shares. I just counted the tabs open in Firefox and I’m shocked to find that it’s 153(!)

Yaara Lancet

Well, I must say I didn’t expect people to have these crazy numbers. :)

153 sure is impressive! I don’t think either Firefox or Chrome on my system would handle that….


The downside is that Firefox often uses a quater (and sometimes up to half) the total memory of the system. But the system as a whole doesn’t slow down that much. Not bad for a laptop bought in 2007 running Vista with 2GB RAM!


About 160 (not including the ones open on the iPad).

Ryashini K

I currently have 4 normal tabs open (1 Youtube and 3 Makeuseof) and 3 pinned tabs (Coursera, Feedly and my website’s cpanel login page). Though this is much less than normal because when usually on Makeuseof, I will open all the article for the day at once in each tab.

Saumyakanta S

I have 9 tabs open right now , I like grasping more and more information ..

B. Ross A

One open on Facebook and the second one opened to respond to your poll.

Carlo Vincente

Right now, 5 in Chrome. I usually have 8 to 10 tabs open.


2x webmails
News Gossip Prince Williams first baby interview
2x Social Buying coupons
Internet Archive Search
Sometimes even more that my browser crashes

Sunshine R

currently, i have 10 open tabs in my Chrome, 6 are default pages that automatically popped up when i open my chrome (yahoo mail, 2 tabs for facebook, wikipedia, & :D

the rest are some links that i clicked just now


If the browser is open, that’s one tab. When it jumps to a new page (such as the poll) I have it set to open a new tab. So at the moment, two. If this poll were on a sublink, I’d have three.

I have no inhibitions about having tabs open, and regularly use the convenience of the tab system for cut and paste and such. Just that right now, the answer is two.


Currently have 1750 tabs “open” in Firefox 21.

Have had up to 2948 tabs open, but then Firefox responds very slowly.

This is with 8GB RAM, standard hard drive, and Windows 7 x64.

Note: there’s a difference between “opened” tabs (where most tabs are NOT currently “loaded”)… and “loaded” tabs that are fully-functional and “alive”.

If I “load” more than about about 120 tabs, Firefox will crash — unless I preemptively close it first… Upon restarting, Firefox will then “open” all of the previously opened and loaded tabs, however with only one tab “loaded”, which is the last “focused” tab, and the process repeats while the total number of tabs grows.

This is using the “Tab Mix Plus” and “Session Manager” add-ons, with ‘Restore tabs on demand’ selected in the latter.


One more thing, the “Tabhunter” add-on for Firefox is essential to actually use (search for, and quickly access) all of those open tabs… Many other add-ons help also, but they’re too numerous to mention.

Also, I currently have 47 tabs open in Chrome 28 — and 16 tabs open in IE 10.

But Firefox is the only one that can handle hundreds, or thousands of tabs.

Yaara Lancet

OK, I think you take the cake. 1750 tabs! How many windows are you using for those? Can you even see the favicon on them? :)


How did you count them? As I don’t know of any other method, I had to count mine one by one.

Ann Onymous

In Firefox (using 20.0.1) click on the Firefox logo in title bar (ABOVE File in the menu bar — don’t click on File by mistake) and choose Close from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up window appears titled “Confirm close” which says “You are about to close ___ tabs. Are you sure you want to continue?” The ___ is the number of tabs in that Firefox window.

(You can then choose “Cancel” rather than “Close tabs” so that nothing closes.)

Does Internet Explorer have something comparable?

Ann Onymous

Years ago I used only Internet Explorer. I was introduced to Firefox while travelling when I had to use it in an Internet cafe that did not have IE on its PCs. When I got home, I downloaded FF with its lovely multiple tabs (that IE did not have at that time) and since that time have used IE only when necessary. I never have IE only open, but I sometimes have it open as well as FF.

At the moment, with Firefox only open (and set up to reopen as at closing) — 25 windows with a total of 1689 tabs (1179 with URLs, 510 as “New Tab” dividers).

The window with the most tabs has 229 (150 active and 79 dividers).

The window with the least is the newest one (started yesterday) which has 19 (13 active and 6 dividers).

A TV window includes:
(a) multiple tabs to online TV guide A — 7 to 14 (being the whole day for the last 7-14 days which is as far back as it goes)
(b) 12 to online TV guide B (which doesn’t go back further than yesterday) — 4 for yesterday (early hours, morning, afternoon/evening, and night/primetime) and the same 4 for today and tomorrow.
(c) multiple tabs to the channels’ catchup links for missed programs

Another window related to TV has multiple tabs to and other sites for multiple programs.

When I read an article, I often click on links in it and open multiple new tabs to check the content. When I have finished the article, I sometimes close that tab but also sometimes go to the article’s home page and look around the site. Ditto those tabs I opened from links in the article — sometimes a quick glance is enough; sometimes a look around is warranted. In each case, if there are readers’ comments, I might leave the tab open to check for new comments later, sometimes not closing it for several days.

I also keep a document open with a list of the links in each window but do not constantly update it.

That list is of assistance if/when all of the windows do not reopen on a restart after Firefox has crashed or because of some unknown reason.

To try to guard against losing my (precious?) hundreds of tabs, I also keep copies of the Firefox sessionstore.js and sessionstore.bak files in a temporary folder. They have saved me from “panic mode” on a few occasions when Firefox opened as new (i.e., one window, one tab). I exited Firefox and replaced its new, clean sessionstore.js and sessionstore.bak files with the ones from my temporary folder. When I reopened Firefox, all of my windows and all of my tabs were back.

Yaara Lancet

Wow… I’m speechless. :) Thanks for sharing this!

Mark x 1 x 6 x 2 x 1 x 3 x 1 x 1 x 4 x 6 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 2
downloads tab x 1
if l had read your email 5mins earlier than when l did the count would have been more like 55+ tabs… cheers!

Daniel B

21 in Firefox, 16 in Chrome. I only use IE for sites that needs. Mostly tabs keep growing until laptop sometime shutdown with low battery. Normally, never get to remember to pin them. Never used Facebook or Twitter, only LinkedIn.


I have two windows open with 25 tabs in one and a whopping 91 in the other.


A cute 101 in my Firefox window. I really should read the content of those tabs soon XD


I have 16 open right now.

Alex D

I have way too many tabs open all the time. Also, I’m happy my comments on the last poll won :).

Jack C

Can you imagine a world still on IE 6 with no tabs?

Yaara Lancet

Nope. :)


On Safari – 3 tabs: google control panel for H-CSD, google calendar for H – CSD, H-CSD district webpage
Chrome account #1: 4 tabs: Feedly, this Make Use of Survey, Delicious, Pocket
Chrome account #2: 4 tabs: google control panel for B-CSD, google calendar and email for B-CSD, penzu pro, student management system portal
chrome account #3: 2 tabs tech support google site, google drive for that account

Kimberly M

You forgot to put a radio button for “Way-the-blank too many”,,,


Currently around 150-160 Firefox tabs.

Joe Farris