How Many Monitors Do You Use In Your Setup? [MakeUseOf Poll]

polls   How Many Monitors Do You Use In Your Setup? [MakeUseOf Poll]Last week we asked you about Google I/O, and about your favorite newly launched product/feature from that conference. While the new things Google comes up with are not life-changing for most of us, these popular products are sure to affect at least some aspect of our daily lives. So which was the best and most useful announcement for you?

Out of 261 votes in total, 4% voted for Google Play for Education as the best new product, 6% voted for Google Play Games, 9% chose the Google+ redesign and new features as the best update, 13% voted for Google Play Music All Access, 15% like the new Hangouts IM client the best, 20% voted for the stock Android Galaxy S4, and the favorite new Google product according to MakeUseOf readers is the newly designed Google Maps, with 28% of the votes. 5% voted for something else that wasn’t on the list.

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poll results may 25   How Many Monitors Do You Use In Your Setup? [MakeUseOf Poll]

This week’s poll question is: How Many Monitors Do You Use In Your Setup?

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If you’re an old timer here on MakeUseOf, you may remember this same question from 3 years ago. A lot has changed in these 3 years, and I feel a repeat is in order, to find out how and if your working habits changed with the advent of tablets and the rising popularity of laptops. I realize that many of you have more than one setup (work and home, for example), so when answering this poll, please use the setup you use most often during the day, or the one you like working on the the most. If you’re using a tablet as an extra monitor somehow, that counts!

Tell us in the comments all about your current or dream setup. Next week, we’ll find out how your habits have changed since 2010!

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I voted “two monitors” but that’s because I have one for the PC and one for the Mac Mini side by side on my desk.

Jacques Knipe

I have two, a laptop and a monitor to the right. Three will really be useful.

David Moreira

One is enough.

Jimmy Anderson

Voted two monitors (laptop + external). But have often had my iPad as the 3rd via AirPlay to keep my tweetdeck feed on.

Ben Wilson

Up until last year, I had one on my desktop, and wasn’t entirely sure I’d need or use two monitors if I had them. However, after picking up a 2nd one ($40 off Craigslist), I’ve loved it.
I usually keep videos, music, or something on the smaller, secondary monitor, while I do all my usual stuff on the main screen – it takes a lot less time to get through my daily YouTube subscriptions now, at any rate.
It’s also very nice for when it comes down to school work. When the professor asks for a research paper, I can keep the word document open on the small monitor, and two separate windows open on the larger one to refer to while writing.
As for wallpapers and such, I use DisplayFusion, since I’ve always found Windows’ default settings a bit lacking when it comes to more than one monitor. It allows me to span a single wallpaper across multiple monitors, or a number of other things.

I can manage going back to a single monitor setup, but it’s just so much more comfortable with a dual setup.

Junil Maharjan

i just use one monitor at work and don’t need a monitor at home. i have an old pc at home which is barely used. most of my work is either done on a laptop or my tablet.

Vishal Srivastava

I voted for 2 monitors in a Laptop + Another Monitor setup. My old desktop is not working due to a hardware issue (guess what, it’s just the keyboard that’s bad) but I have my semester exams so I can’t change it. So, I use my desktop’s monitor with my Laptop’s VGA port. I leave Facebook open on my desktop monitor while I’m gaming on my Laptop (it’s HD display) and switch over to the desktop monitor whenever something happens that I want to comment on, or there is someone on the chat. Sometimes I do use my desktop monitor for gaming because it’s larger.
I rarely do get to use our TV as a monitor but when I do, I usually use it to watch Movies.

Jeremy Garnett

I have two monitors at work, one aligned vertically for viewing webpages and document files – ie, the whole page of a doc / pdf – for editing purposes. At home, I have one large monitor set up in the living room for viewing media and image files, and a small on in my room for general use. I carry my laptop between the two when I want to use the former, but for the most part, my housemates have the use of it.

Alan Wade

I have two one for the web, email etc and the other for writing tutorials etc. When one broke down a while back, it drove me nuts switching back and forth through open windows.
Currently I have two 24″ Samsungs, I am thinking about buying a 27″ to use as the main screen and use the other two for tasks like writing, email, customising etc.

Arron Walker

Currently on two monitors – looking to upgrade to 3 in the future. I think most people could benefit from a huge productivity boost by going multiple monitor The only thing is each extra monitor gives you a diminishing value of return in productivity (well, for most people). I think 2/3 is the best number for the average end user

Richard Henry

Two and a half. Laptop with external and a small notebook to this side: useful for gaming, when I’m pushing CPU power to my games.


Four monitors is the way to go if you have the desk realestate to accommodate it… My production peaks when multitasking with multiple monitors….


I have two monitors connected to my Hackintosh. I don’t need more than that.


In some polls an additional category is needed:

“Combination of …”

I watch movies by:

Jack Giebel

I have a 21 inch next to my 15.6 laptop. I am planning on getting a USB 3.0 to HDMI/DVI adapter so I can have a third on the other side, since two is definitely not enough.

Harish Anim

i voted two monitors not because its a dual moni set up but one’s a mac and others a pc, they both serve their uses!

Jerome Indefenzo

I’m currently using one, but I think two would be helpful. If I had a third one I’d probably use it for music visualization only. And probably a MiniLyrics window.

Chris Marcoe

I voted for 2 monitors. However, in my IT class, we had to do a project where we “built” our dream computer. For mine, I had a total of 3 monitors. 2 were in a standard configuration, side by side with a split screen extended over both. The third one was a touch screen set to the left of me for touch screen functionality.

As a gamer, I love the idea of 2 screens so the web is accessible on the second one. And with so much moving toward touch screen (read, Windows 8) having that functionality readily at left hand is going to be a need in the near future.


I have only two monitors (one is a 32″ LED TV) connected to my main PC but do sometimes also watch Netflix, etc. on my laptop while working on the PC – and of course, have my Kindle and my Smartphone on my desk too. Can’t get too many monitors, am so glad they are now so lightweight and space-saving compared to the old 23″ CRT I used to have to work on. :-).


A few years ago, I started using two monitors. Depending on if I was working or playing, one might have a movie on it. Since then, I’ve added an additional monitor for when I’m working and still want to have a movie going on. Meantime, I have a phone and tablet I use for social media and little games when I have the time.
For a little while recently, I lost my two main spare monitors, and had to rethink how to do things when I wanted to some simple file moving. I’ll never go back to a simple setup like that again.


I have two but I often find myself wishing I had a third.

Adam Forbes

Three Monitors, 1 laptop, monitor either side!

James Bruce

Multiple monitors is overrated. I use one 27″ monitor, and have numerous tims in the past to make use of more. They just end up being useless when you have OSX notifications or learn how to switch apps quickly.


I had a 22″ and a 19″ hooked up to my PC until the 22″ died. Now I have the 19″ and a 17″ hooked up.

Richard Borkovec

I only put two because sometimes I hook my laptop up to my TV, or I use my TV for my Raspberry Pi. If I had a desktop, I’d probably have two monitors hooked up to it though.


Re your summary of the results of the “How many monitors” poll. Very interesting, but I have to point out that 36% is not a majority, as much as some of our politicians would like us to believe.



Yaara Lancet

Hi Shev,

What I meant is that it’s the answer that got the largest number of votes. I know the work “majority” can mean “over 50%”, but it does have other meanings.

From Merriam-Webster dictionary:
(c) the greater quantity or share

That’s the meaning I used. And yes, I agree the word is often misused in politics. It’s annoying.