How Do I Download An Entire Website For Offline Reading?

offline reading 300   How Do I Download An Entire Website For Offline Reading?Download the entirety of a website – or individual web pages – to your hard drive. Whether you want to do some work offline so you can really block time-wasting websites or do some research on the road, downloading web content locally means you don’t need to stop when your connection does.

It’s increasingly rare, but still occasionally true: sometimes you just don’t have Internet access. Whether you’re on a plane or your grandparent’s place in the country, life occasionally brings all of us to places WiFi and 4G can’t reach. With a little preparation, however, you can have the data you need on your hard drive, waiting for you.

There are three distinct ways to read offline: download an entire website, download recent blog posts or news stories, and download the content from a specific page or article. I’m going to touch on all three below, but feel free to skip to the section you’re actually interested in.

Download an Entire Website

This is the hardcore option: downloading the entirety of a single website for offline reading. Obviously how long this takes will vary depending on the web site in questions – Wikipedia could take days to finish, and will take up a lot of your hard drive when it does. If you just want an offline copy of something simple, however, like the ultimate Final Fantasy 7 database or a simple site outlining a few recipes you were thinking of trying, downloading an entire website might be right for you.

The software I recommend for downloading an entire site is HTTrack, which Tina wrote about back in 2008. Don’t worry: the software hasn’t changed much and her article is still solid.

httrack02   How Do I Download An Entire Website For Offline Reading?

This open source program can be a little hard to use at first – especially if you’re not a Windows user. But if you’re looking to make a complete offline version of your favorite website – not an individual web page, an entire web site – it’s one of the simplest options out there. Tweak the settings if you run into problems and you should be fine. Only the Windows version comes with a dedicated GUI – Linux users will need to use a browser-based version of HTTrack instead. Don’t worry: items will be added to the menu so it’s easy enough to get started.

Mac users can install the software using MacPorts, but many might be better off checking out Sitesucker, a free Mac app that functions similarly but is easy to install and has it’s own GUI.

   How Do I Download An Entire Website For Offline Reading?

Downloading The Latest News

Are you mostly interested in keeping up with the news? Downloading an entire site then is probably an overkill: you don’t need to keep a copy of the headlines from 2005 on your computer. Happily there are dedicated tools for reading the news offline.

I showed you how to download entire newspapers or blogs using Calibre – it saves everything to the eBook format of your choice. This is a great way to condense the latest news into a format you can easily read offline, but be warned: paid subscriptions are required for some sites to work properly.

calibre canada   How Do I Download An Entire Website For Offline Reading?

You can also use NewsToEbook to download the latest news directly. It even supports Google Reader (though of course that ends in July when Google pulls the plug on Reader).

Downloading Individual Web Pages

This is the simpler option: downloading the entirety – or only the content from – an individual page. If you’re doing some research, or simply want to do some offline reading, there are tools out there allowing you to clip any particular page and read it later.

My favorite is probably Evernote, a service that aims to become your personal on-and-offline repository of knowledge. You can use the service to “clip” articles from your favorite websites, which you can then read anytime using the desktop or mobile client.

e webclipper1   How Do I Download An Entire Website For Offline Reading?

Check out the unofficial Evernote manual to learn more. It’s written by our very own Mark O’Neil, and like all our manuals it’s free of charge.

Another simple way to save individual articles for reading later is Pocket, the ultimate digital bookmarking service. Apps for mobile devices sync articles you’ve saved for later, meaning you can read them anytime you want. There’s even a Mac version of Pocket for you computer (sorry, Windows and Linux users: not yet).

Screen Shot 2012 10 27 at 7.00.46 PM   How Do I Download An Entire Website For Offline Reading?

Want an entirely mobile solution? Offline Pages Pro for iOS and Read Web Offline for Android both allow you to save any URL directly to your mobile device, allowing you to read them anytime.


Of course, this list is only the beginning: there are other ways to do this. Most browsers offer a “Save As” function, for example, and you can always print any page on the web as a PDF for reading later.

Beyond that, I’m sure readers will point out plenty of other ways to download an entire website or individual pages for offline reading in the comments below. Unless, of course, they’re reading this comment offline – then they can’t leave comments. Oh well.

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I am intrigued by Pocket. One quick question, if I may ask…

Say I am on the first page of a four-page CNN news article. Saving to Pocket — will it know to save all four pages… or do I need to click open and save each page individually?

Justin Pot

It seems to depend on the site. Much of the time it will grab everything, but occasionally not.


One online tool can help. The format of the resulting file is a PDF.

Zhong J

Or you can just take a screenshot in full screen to skip all these “downloading software” and “configuring it” steps. For some people, they might want to do this on their phones which comes with browser that can these capabilities but for me, I would bookmark the page to refer to it later on because when I’m reading an article, it’s just only at most 2 page worth. Repeating this process can be tedious and would die quickly.

Also, grab a book or a physical medium to read instead.

Clint Norwood

For a single webpage what’s wrong with “Save page as”?

Justin Pot

Nothing, but Pocket and Evernote offer definite advantages.


Scrapbook for firefox does a pretty good job of this.

Justin Pot

Good to know!


Thanks for this!

Javier Sánchez

Hey guys I am downloading a site. It’s about courses and tutorials. However, all of the images in my offline copy are not the original ones. Instead I get an image saying that that’s property of the site :D. It happens for every image in the site and it happened to me when I tried to copy an entire page of the site to onenote. I’d like to know if there is a way I can deal with that protection. Kind regards


You could take a screenshot of the different images. For taking a screenshot on the computer, just use snipping tool.

Javier Sánchez

Yeah that was how I did it for one page, but for the entire site?

Justin Pot

I could be that the site is blocking you from downloading all that content, specifically to prevent what you’re doing now. It could also be possible to avoid this by tweaking the HTTrack settings. Not sure where to start with that, though…


Hey guys, just FYI: The protection the site was using is common nowadays. It is called hotlinking protection and it’s a feature of apache webserver(probably exists also on others). I couldn’t get htttrack to get rid of it, but I downloaded my beloved teleport in the ultra version and without much tweaking it was able to crawl the site and bypass the protection. It is a useful site, with tutorials I actually need and completely free btw. That protection is used mainly to avoid people to have external links to your site. That becomes a problem since it highly increases the bandwidth and requests on the server that hosts your site. Even more, if it is a shared paid hosting service, you may find yourself with your site down due to bandwith limits reached.

Junil Maharjan

Pocket is a great help when it comes to saving individual pages for both online and offline reading. it is one of the best and very easy to use. although i do use evernote as well to save some articles and images.

Manuel Guillermo L

I have been downloading lots of webpages over the years. I did look at HTTrack, but didn’t really liked it. I tried tons of programs, and my favorite was Website Ripper Copier (not a free program), because it allows me to manually set cookies. But it had some problems downloading files without extension and with unicode names. I ended up writing my own program to download websites, but that is mainly because I am very specific in which pages I want to download and which ones to skip. But for the average user, I would say that HTTrack is probably the best free option.

Rama moorthy

I always use Httrack .. easy to use program .. sometimes wget in ubuntu …

Scott M

I think I will be able to use Pocket fairly often.An interesting idea and a a great program.

Degenerated S

I prefer that we should use plugins rather than installing softwares.. such as scrapbook —


Old GoLive from Adobe can do it – give it the address to the index-file and it download the whole site with its structure. That was my back up solution at one site I didn’t have ftp access to. Whole=all files and folders that are linked together. A “free” folder not linked in any way to index file can not be found in this way

Fawad A

Does the browser matter?

Jeremy Garnett

I’ve been using HTTrack since it first appeared. It was, and still is, the number one program for downloading a website’s structure.

Javier Sánchez

Nah.I think teleport pro has tons more of features…

Jeremy Garnett

Perhaps I should have specified free


very useful although I don’t do.

Patrick J

Well, HTTrack has been my tool for the purpose since years, but the main issue with it even today is that if it is not configured properly (which happenes most of the times, especially with newbies), it may cost you downloading too much of useless data. Many a times, it started downloading third-party website’s files, which led to another one, and so on.

I have never tried any other method mentioned yet, but I can at least advice others to use HTTrack, but carefully.

Justin Pot

Great advice. Trying to download an entire page – especially on the modern web – is nothing if not bandwidth intensive. Experiment with the HTTrack settings, though, and most people will get the hang of it.

Choon Khai

I used Internet Download Manager to download websites, it’s pretty confusing and hard to use.


Has anyone tried Wysigot?


Mozilla Archive Format is the simplest way of saving a web site.


what happens if a website changes or shuts down? will pocket still continue to retain the information? or will any website change be reflected in an updated pocket?


Justin Pot

My understanding is articles won’t update, but will remain if a site goes offline. I could be wrong, though.


Does anybody know how to download a website and transfer the articles from the html document to a word or txt file? That would be more convenient for me versus having to open each html file. Thanks.

Justin Pot

You’re going to need to do this manually, I think – there’s not really an automated tool for the job. Though, you could use to automatically make a Google Doc out of any new entry in an RSS feed.


i am a newbies on Httrack : pls can someone offer me tips on what to fill in the foolowing path that appears in Htttrack

Project name:

Project category

i want to download an entire websites? thanks


how to download a webpage using callibre?????

Justin P

You can download the latest headlines and stories from many sites using the “Get News” function. Check it out.


it just occurred to me you can wget it