Hotmail Account Blocked? Here Is How to Fix It

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muo hotmailblocked intro   Hotmail Account Blocked? Here Is How to Fix ItOver the last few years, Microsoft has expanded the Hotmail/Windows Live services to include a dazzling array of browser-based services.

Beyond email and instant messaging, the software giant now provides free, browser-based versions of Office, a cloud service called SkyDrive, a calendar and address book service, and Live Mesh, a system for syncing files between mobile and desktop devices.

With so many features offered for free you might think that this is a pretty good deal – and it is. But what happens to your emails and data when your account is blocked? How might this happen, and is there a way of overcoming it?

How Your Account Might Become Blocked

There are many ways in which a Windows Live/Hotmail account might become blocked. However, with one exception these are all due to end user misuse, which typically only occurs by ignoring or misreading the terms of use issued by Microsoft when you sign up for an account or start using a new service.

muo hotmailblocked gamer   Hotmail Account Blocked? Here Is How to Fix It

As causes for blocked Hotmail accounts go, there are three common reasons. The first is attempting to play pirated Xbox 360 games on your console. While you might retain any previously acquired DLC, access to the Gamertag and Gamerscore will be blocked, and eventually deleted. Not a great way to end months or years of hardcore gaming!

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The second is the storing of material that breaks the terms of use for SkyDrive. Adult photos, for example, are not allowed, while family photos of breast feeding might also be the cause of a blocked account. In addition data that is deemed to be pirated will also lead to a blocked account. As Microsoft employs a scanning system to check for inappropriate usage of SkyDrive, there is little chance that you will get away with misuse for long.

Finally, your account may become blocked if it has been hijacked by scammers. This can happen from time to time, resulting in spam emails being sent from your account.

Wider Impact of a Blocked Account

If your Hotmail or Windows Live account is blocked, the implications of this could be wider than you think. Rather than simply preventing you from accessing your messages (perhaps you might think it is easier to setup a replacement account), a blocked account will also thwart your attempts to use other services that are related to Windows Live.

muo hotmailblocked skydrive   Hotmail Account Blocked? Here Is How to Fix It

Some of these include:

  • SkyDrive
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • The Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Xbox Live (including achievements and unlocked content)
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps

Other services such as TechNet and MSDN that have been linked to your Hotmail or Windows Live account would also be blocked.

Furthermore, the new Windows 8 operating system requires a Microsoft account in order for the owner to use some of the cloud features. A blocked Hotmail account – interchangeable with a Windows Live, Xbox Live, and any other Microsoft account – would prevent you from getting the most of the new Windows OS.

Fixing a Blocked Account

Is there a way back from a blocked Hotmail/Windows Live account?

Fortunately, yes there is. It involves jumping through a few hoops and answering your original security question correctly, but once you have successfully done this then Microsoft will restore access to your account and you can carry on using it – legally, and within their terms, of course!

The first thing to do is attempt to restore access to your account by signing in. Here you will find that you have to provide information that can be used to verify your identity. This should be straightforward – your alternative email address might be used, for instance, or you might have to provide the answer to a security question.

If neither of these options is possible (for instance you might have forgotten the question or no longer have access to the old address) then you will need to provide alternative information, such as your credit card number if you use Xbox Live.

Hopefully you should get a favourable resolution, but if you have misused your account, don’t be surprised to find that your data is lost forever…

Restoring a Hijacked Account

muo hotmailblocked locked   Hotmail Account Blocked? Here Is How to Fix It

If your account has been hijacked, it is far easier to get things back on track. Start by attempting to log in to your account. At this stage, a blocked account will be diverted to a new page, headed Your account has been blocked, which basically explains why the account has been blocked and what you will need to do to restore access. Alternatively, if you’ve noticed odd behaviour or can’t sign in because you have suspicions about your account, click the Can’t access your account? option on the login screen and follow the appropriate options. This process begins by Microsoft sending a verification code to your mobile phone or alternative email address.

Once the code is received, enter it in the appropriate space – you will then be asked to reset your password, specifying the old password as you do so.


While email accounts can be hijacked without your knowledge, it is important to take steps to avoid this from happening. Indicating on the Hotmail password reset page that you wish to reset your password every 72 days is a good start, as is providing the name of your Windows PC and your mobile and alternative email address.

As far as blocked Hotmail accounts are concerned, meanwhile, only responsible use of your Windows Live account can prevent it from being disabled. Microsoft’s policy of restoring accounts that have been blocked seems to depend on the provision of accurate data so that the operatives can make a decision about your account. Information can be misinterpreted and security questions and answers can be forgotten, so it is best to avoid any problems here by using your account responsibly.

One last thing – note that if you receive an email informing you that your account has been blocked, you should disregard this as it is more than likely part of a phishing attempt. A link in the email will be provided for you to enter your personal details which can then be used by a criminal to borrow money or buy goods in your name. Should you receive such an email, don’t click any links, delete the message, and then open a new browser window and try to login to Hotmail to check the account status.

Image Credit: Hotmail via Cloudbound, SkyDrive via Cloudbound, Gamer via Shutterstock

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Use Internet Explorer to unblock .


I have the same problem. my hotmail account is blocked. when i login into my hotmail it says ‘it looks like someone else might be using your account’. i changed my password but i am getting the same message. i also filled the questionaire and got a reply that i cannot verify my account since the details i filled are incorrect. i filled all the right details. i need my emails back, help !!!

Achraf Almouloudi

Did you actually try what I said or you’re just yelling at my comment.



My other hotmail has been blocked by a few months ago. I forgot my password and the alternative email was deleted. Then, i create new one :(


lance burn

i lost one account through hackers and i got my bills on so had to change it, i would never put anything on my laptop about banking and never have but i no there trying again by the phone calls im getting i put false info on line and i no when i get a phone call with them details back


Muhannad Agha

There is somebody actually using Hotmail, wow!


Yep, there are plenty of, as it is still N1 email provider) I am afraid we may need Outlook/Hotmaail account to lanuch future versions of Windows, like Google does with Android


zingisa mavuso

my email has been blocked for the last couple of months, the message was that someone else might be using it. I have followed all the procedures but nothing seems to working probably because i have forgotten some of the information. im currently using another Hotmail address, but need my previous email as there is vualauble information in it.

maureen corcoran

I am in the same postiion . I have followed all the procedures but nothing seems to work and there is nobody i can find to talk to either. please let me know if you resolved the problem. thanks, maureen

Susan Morris

This is what happened to me. It said someone was using my account. I’m now blocked and I get no response to my requests.



Iam unable to access my email .Please help me.



heather jones

i can not get into my email. it has been blocked and i have tried resetting the password like 15 times and nothing. OMG what do i do?

Christian Cawley

Follow the steps outlined above :D


Richard Eritreo

Please return my Outlook took over and I hate it! I did not ask for it. How can I stop this from ever happening again? Thank you


Richard Eritreo

Outlook get lost from my screen. Hotmail please return.






account has blocked so your advice


Matt Conlon

The instructions above don’t work for me. When I click on the “continue” link, I get told I can’t log into the account.

However, I did get some help by tweeting @mshelps about the issue. They are currently looking into it for me, and have escalated my ticket twice now. I haven’t seen any results, or reasons for the block, but at least I get someone responding to my inquiries.

Christian Cawley

Hi Matt

That’s an interesting post – I’ve never seen a “can’t login” message. Where is the continue button (which is not mentioned in the guide) which you click?

Also, which version of Hotmail are you using? Is MSN, Hotmail, WIndows Live or Outlook, and in what country are you based – there are some differences across all of these things.

However the tip about tweeting @mshelps is particularly useful.

Matt Conlon

Hi Christian,

I actually just posted a blog post about it, it’s at if you’re interested.

It’s not actually a hotmail account, but a windows Live account that’s associated with my skydrive and xbox account.

I have an idea that something I was moving from one location to another for a friend of my via the live drive violated the EULA… But I haven’t had any indication if that’s the case or not from Microsoft.

Rochelle Brockenborough

I have the same problem but clueless to what to what to do. Please help me….


y am i block i got a job mail in there


y am i block from this i have a job mail in there



I losed my e mail



my email account i haven’t used for years and its the parent email for my Xbox live and because i haven’t had access to that account for a few years now i haven’t be able to remove them so is there any way to get it unblocked



i am using my email, stated above.. i wanna ask about – my fathers email has recently been acting weird… everytime he tries and sends a message from his computer it says content blocked and cannot send email.. however when he tries to send from his phone everything works well.. he says he’ve tried other networks and also other PC.. but it also says content blocked.. but i’ve tried it in the country i live in and it sends fine and doesnt have problems.. please assist whats the problem



Hi i can not access my hotmail account at all it says it has been blocked because someone else may be using it i have tried filling in form but supposedly never gave enough information, my alternative email address is no longer available and i have forgotten my security question i really need back into my hotmail account as i have important emails that i need to access is there any way you can help please im desperate

Christian Cawley

Hi Jade

You will need to go through the Hotmail password/account retrieval process – this is the only way.


Ive done it three times…still no access. given the right answers to security questions. waited 24 hours…nothing…did it again, still nothing. I am at a loss..NEED this account, had for 8 years…who do i contact for help. So frustrated


mahmoud rashed

ineed to know who blocked my account


mahmoud rashed

i need to restore my account


mahmoud rashed

can you send me my new password to retrieve my account


mahmoud rashed

when i need it urgently i need my contact list my all old mails


R Sanjay

I can open the hotmail account But unable to open
Compose new mail
Delete the mails etc
This has happened one week back
Sent several complaints to you
But nothing has happened
Please do it at the earliest
Sanjay R



This is second time,I don’t know why block my email ID ?
If your is any problem,would you change my ID ?

Kindly do needful.

shiv kumar sharma



I have the same problem and it has been more than 10 days. My account got blocked saying that someone else might be using my account. No reason for this as I’m the only one using it. Microsoft forced me to switch to Outlook which I hate and now they blocked my account. I replied to their stupid questionnaire more than 50 times and they still come back with the same answer saying that they couldn’t recover my account. I even tried to change password by receiving a new password through my phone… still not working! This is a very unacceptable situation, since when Microsoft think that they have the freedom to blocked our personal account without any explanations and without any proper help and client support to recover our account!! I’m very very unhappy about this situation specially as I have all my personal info, friends email and leaving away from my family my personal email is critical to keep touch! I’m going to make sure that I’m going to open a new account under another supplier and make sure that I spread the information around me that Microsoft is the worst service company ever!!!!



I need help, my hotmail account is blocked, its telling me about the code and i don’t know which code..



My hotmail account was blocked while i was actually using it, and it cut off while i was in the middle of answering their security questions. Now when i click cannot access my account a blank screen appears…Its a nightmare had this for 15 years





hey christian i need ur help badly.infact my dad’s account has been blocked because of re entering wrong password again again n now i am feeling very helpless no method is working of unblock. because no email have been sent n receive n no contact are there in that email account. i will be very thankful to you if you will help me to unblock my account.

Christian Cawley

Huma – naturally, you will need to follow the steps outlined above and contact Microsoft, I’m afraid I don’t have any influence over their methods :)



What happened to my Hotmail account? I have my windows live mail but it’s a completely different set up. Do I need to take it in for service or can I fix the problem myself with your help.



reopen my account



It wants me to verify it using a code sent to my phone. Problem its an old cell number. It is a recurring event. Even when I’ve given them the new number they still refer to my old cell when blocked. I understand I have moved alot lately the location is different. But who cares what if I traveled for business. Will I be blocked everytime I arrive somewhere new. I dont even care if my emails being hacked anymore. I just want on my account.

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