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One of the most important parts of planning your vacation is deciding where to stay when you arrive at your destination. Nowadays all major cities have numerous hotels where you can check in for excellent facilities and a wonderful experience overall. However searching for such hotels manually is not only time consuming but also quite difficult as you might not be able to gather all the information you require. Fortunately for all vacationers, there exists an online tool called Hotel Maps.


Hotel Maps is a free to use web service that helps its users find the best hotels in major cities throughout the world. People can start using the website simply by entering their vacationing location along with their hotel check in and check out dates; additional information you can provide includes how many rooms you will require and for how many people. Clicking on the Search button reveals relevant hotel options in your specified area. In the left pane you can find hotels along with their addresses, distance from your specified location, user ratings, and the starting rates for the hotel rooms.

You are also shown hotels marked on a map which can serve as a helpful indicator of where hotels are situation and how far apart from other points of interest.


When you find a hotel you are interested in, you can click on its name to read more about it and the facilities it offers people.

In case you find a hotel that suits your preferences, you can directly book it online using the various online booking links provided on the hotel’s Hotel Maps page.



  • A user-friendly web service
  • Helps you find the best hotels in major cities worldwide
  • Shows hotel on map
  • Provides hotel room rates and features
  • Provides links for online hotel booking

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