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online recommendationsWe are always comparing. We compare which bath soap to use, which shoe to wear, which car insurance to buy, which is better – Android or iPhone, the list is switched on 24 x 7. Heck, remember that the Mark Zuckerberg earned his millions by rating photos side by side on FaceMash, the forerunner to Facebook.

When we compare two things alongside each other, we are also looking for opinions and recommendations that will make decisions easier. Enter, a web application that takes this very thought and gives it a social spin. Swayable taps your social network and makes it easier to get feedback in almost real-time thanks to the web and iPhone app.

But let’s not get swayed before we explore Swayable in detail.


Swayable Defined

Swayable’s are little ‘voting units’ you make for comparing two things side by side. You can use images snapped with a camera phone or link to ones online. Sharing the ‘Swayables’ with your friends in real time via social networks, email, or SMS helps you get feedback. The vote-of-confidence from your friends then helps you make decisions on the go. It’s all very simple really.

How Can Swayable Help Me Out?

online recommendations
Let’s try describing a cottage on the lakeside and a beach in words and pitch them against each other. Words will probably fail or at least they won’t be so effective. Snap or link the two pictures (with the panorama if possible), create a Swayable…and hey presto, the decision where to take your next vacation just became easier.

Ask your girlfriend or wife to create a quick Swayable when she bombards you with question on which dress to buy. If your opinion gets taken that is!

Swayable also lets you tap into the wisdom of the crowds. Don’t we see its power on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and discussion boards! Our closest friends may not be with us when we need to make a quick decision; Swayable brings them just a bit closer.

A Swayable in Action

You can start creating your own with a free registration. Remember, you can access a Swayable with its iPhone app along with the online site. You can choose to Sway or Get Swayed. You have loads of categories to choose from. But you can dive straight into creating your own Swayable by clicking on a green Create your Swayable button.

recommendation sites

As a section of the screenshot above shows, creating a Swayable is a no-brainer. The four step process simply involves uploading an image from your computer or grabbing an image from the web (you can do an image search too) – asking your social circle a question – selecting how frequently you would like to be notified of Sways & comments and which category you want to assign your Swayable to. Choosing to display your Swayable for any user opens it up to the crowd and is better in my opinion.

Here’s a Swayable I created asking what to buy – an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

recommendation sites


Get Swayed – Swayables You Can Use Right Now

online recommendations

Maybe, the question I wanted answered for myself has already been asked previously. Publicly listed Swayables is the place you can dig it out. There’s quite a large collection on offer but here a search engine would have helped to trawl through all the stuff. Manually going through each Swayable is a chore. You can of course, put in your ‘Sways’ and see which way people are voting.

Swayable has lots of practical uses. You can set up quick web design mock-ups and ask for feedback. You can use it as a quickie recommendation site for any product that’s out there. You can also use it to ask the general crowd which girl to date if your guts are up for it.

Comparisons are always on. But are you Swayed? Check out Swayable and tell us how you would like to use it…and do you think it’s a quick enough feedback tool for you.

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