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sweetcronThese days just about everyone around the internet knows about lifestreaming and may even have one of their own. This is due to the great growth and expansion of services like FriendFeed and Socialthing!

Previously, MakeUseOf covered the top 5 lifestreaming services 5 Social Aggregators To Keep you Updated 5 Social Aggregators To Keep you Updated Read More . One thing about most lifestreaming services is that they can’t be self-hosted. You might be able to put a little widget in your sidebar or post it on your MySpace page, but there isn’t really a custom solution for you to host your own lifestream.

Sweetcron is the solution for all the people out there that want to host their own lifestream. It is currently in beta, but it does offer some great options for someone that wants to host their own lifestream.

What is Lifestreaming?

Lifestreaming is a way to get all of your online activities into one place. Most people these days are in several social network sites that range from bookmarking to photo sharing. It becomes difficult to keep up with all of the things your friends are doing all over the internet. Lifestreaming puts all of their activities into one place, so you can do a better job of interacting with your friends across social networks.

lifestream example

Sweetcron Installation

Sweetcron is definitely for the more advanced user, or someone that is open to a little time and frustration. You are definitely going to want to follow the brief instructions on how to install Sweetcron.  First, you should create a new database on your server. This can be complicated, but I was able to use a database wizard on my host which made things much easier.


Once the database is created, you will need to make some edits on the Sweetcron file before uploading it. These weren’t too difficult, because the instructions did a pretty good job of making it clear about what needed to be changed. However, getting the database name and login information did throw me off. I had to try multiple times before I got all the changes right.

Configuring Your Sweetcron Lifestream

After you upload the Sweetcron file, you will be able to login through your website. Once you login, you will need to add some feeds to Sweetcron in order to get the flow of information started. You can add any service you use as long as it has an RSS feed.

sweetcron feeds

In addition to posting all of your social updates, Sweetcron allows you to write posts from the admin panel. It doesn’t have lots of options, but you can make a very basic test post if you so desire.


Sweetcron only comes with two different themes, Sandbox and Boxy. Boxy was made by the creator of Sweetcron and shows you the potential of how great Sweetcron could be.

sweetcron boxy

Sandbox is the most basic of themes, but it can be customized to whatever you want if you have some web design skills. This is where Sweetcron comes up short. I am techie enough to get it installed, but I can’t make my own theme. There is a how-to on making your own theme, but it is far too complicated for me.


Sweetcron shows lots of promise, but it is going to have to get much more user friendly before it hits the mainstream. I would have it on my website tomorrow if there were a few other themes to choose from. I think Sweetcron is definitely worth checking out if you know what you are doing with web design, because there is a lot of potential in this custom lifestream software.

What do you use for lifestreaming? Do you want to host your own lifestream or are you happy with your current options?

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