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If you work on a network computer, there would probably be folders that you create a backup for on the network. Routinely creating this backup manually can be quite time consuming. Here to offer you an effective folder synchronization solution is an app called Horodruin.

monitor folders for changes

Horodruin is a free to use desktop application for computers that are running Windows. The app comes in a ZIP archive that is sized at nearly 2.3 MB. You extract the archive and install the contained setup file. Once the application is installed, you can begin using it for the purposes of folder synchronization. You start setting up your folders by adding sources to the application. For each source folder you add, you must first of all specify the target path of the folder. You can use the ‘Explore’ button in the folder properties editing window to quickly take a peek into the folder using Windows explorer. Readable names can be assigned to these folders by making use of the Label field. A username and password can be set in case these folders require these credentials for access. The file masks fields let you specify which file extensions you want to be monitored and which file extensions you want the app to ignore; for instance, you can have the app monitor additions of EXE files while ignoring the additions of MP3 files. In the right pane, you can choose whether the rule you are creating has the permission to create, read, and write new data.


With your rules setup for as many folders as you like, you can quickly have them analyzed and their files synchronized to each other.


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