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HomePuzz is a social networking service that lets you share photos, music, videos or simple websites via status updates. Similar to Twitter, you can follow other users of HomePuzz, mark their updates as favorites or even sort the updates into relevant categories.

Each update can be instantly shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. A little icon beside each update makes it easy to distinguish between a video clip, audio, image or a simple website. Clicking on the icon would take you to the actual website or open the video clip as a pop-up.

The interface is pretty ordinary and most of the features seem to be borrowed from other social networks but it is a great tool if all you want is to manage multiple social networks from a single platform.

  • Post status updates to Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz.
  • Mark updates as favorites or sort into categories.
  • Easily distinguish between a video, audio, image or website.
  • Follow other HomePuzz users.
  • Display a HomePuzz button on your blogs, allowing users to share content.

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