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Energy costs can go quite high if you are not careful about your selection of appliances and energy usage. If you are wondering how you can go about all this, HomeEnergySaver is a good place to start. Sponsored by the US Department of Energy, this tool lets estimate energy savings by calculating your energy needs and comparing them with industry best practices.

You start by answering around 20 different questions about the appliances you use and your energy needs in different categories. HomeEnergySaver than takes that information and creates a report of your potential savings by switching to more energy efficient appliances such as a gas run dryer compared to an electric dryer. You can also view detailed information on how much each upgrade would cost and how much potential savings it would translate to.

estimate energy savings


  • Calculate potential savings in energy costs.
  • Get suggestions for switching to energy efficient appliances.
  • Potential energy savings based on your location and usage.
  • No registration required.
  • Access previous sessions by saving the session number.
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