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Many of us do not have memories that are good enough to remember the birthday dates iRemembered Helps You Make Sure You Never Miss A Birthday Again [iOS, Free For A Limited Time] iRemembered Helps You Make Sure You Never Miss A Birthday Again [iOS, Free For A Limited Time] Do you have a lot of friends and family members? Remembering all of those birthdays can be very difficult, and not wishing a friend a happy birthday on their special day can cause a serious... Read More of all of the people we know. Similarly there are other important event dates and holidays that we forget about completely. Here to help you not forget about them is a desktop app called Holiline Reminder.

holiday reminders

Holiline Reminder is a freeware desktop application for computers running Windows. The app comes in an archive sized at nearly 7 MB. The app’s function is to let you set up reminders for any upcoming holidays in your taskbar. After you install the app you can begin setting up reminders for any type of upcoming holiday.

You basically get a calendar on which you can right-click on a date and select a holiday from Birthday, Wedding Day, a general Holiday, or Custom Event. After you select the type of holiday you get a corresponding window to fill out the details of the reminder. For instance, for birthday, you get to enter the name of the person whose birthday it is, the date, the gender, their year of birth or the age they will be turning, any comments, any picture, and the duration within which you should be reminded.


With the reminder added, you can highlight any date on the calendar and the corresponding holiday reminders will be shown in the bottom pane. When the time of the reminder is reached, a notification is shown on your Windows taskbar about the corresponding holiday or event.



  • A user friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with computers running Windows.
  • Let’s you set up reminders for any event or holiday.
  • Shows reminders on Windows taskbar.
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