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With Christmas right round the corner, a number of new Christmas-related web tools and phone apps are popping up everywhere. One of these fun apps is Holiday Hatter.

add a christmas hat to a photo

Holiday Hatter is an iOS application sized at nearly 8MB. You can install it on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that is running iOS 3.1 or later. The app lets you virtually add a christmas hat to a photo. To get a picture into the app, you can either shoot one from your camera or import one from your photo albums. Next you can select a Christmas hat from over 30 options and see how it looks. You can adjust the positioning of the hat for best results. If you end up with any fun results, you email the picture to friends or share it with them via Facebook and Twitter, directly from the app.


  • A fun iOS application.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
  • Lets you virtually add hats to photos.
  • Over 30 holiday hats to try.
  • Lets you share the results via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Check out Holiday Hatter @

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