Hola Unblocker – Easily Access Region-Blocked Content

access region blocked contentAccess sites like Hulu, CBS, iTV and Pandora regardless of which country you’re in. Even better, there’s no need to change your DNS settings or set up a VPN. Hola Unblocker is an Android app, a browser extension and a program for Windows that makes bypassing region restrictions a snap. Seriously, this app could not get any easier to use.

The web is full of great media content – if you live in the right country. Otherwise, it’s blocked for most of the world. James told you that VPNs are old, and showed you better ways to access region-blocked video. Chris showed you how to beat region blocked media sites on Android, and Hola was one of the apps listed.

Hola Unblocker is among the easiest tools for the job. Even better, it can seriously speed up the wireless web, if you’re an Android user. By default it supports a (very) limited number of sites, but with a little tweaking you can add more.

Getting Started With Hola

Head to Hola.org to get started. You’ll be presented with the various versions of Hola Unblocker.

access region blocked content

Android users should download the app. Windows users can download a system-wide app (Windows 8 not supported). Everyone else can use the browser extensions.

Most of the sites this service allows you to access are US-based, but that doesn’t mean those of us living in America can’t also benefit. For example, we could use it to watch Downton Abbey months ahead of the PBS broadcast.

region blocked content

Spoil every plot twist! Ruin the show for everyone! Prevent your friends from talking to you! You can also create your own scripts to access other region blocked content – more on that later.

The Android app is similar to the Windows one – simply download the app and it will run in the background. You can configure which services are on and off:

region blocked content

You can also pick which sites you’d like to bypass region restrictions on:

region blocked content

As you can see, Facebook and Twitter are included in the list. This is useful if your corporate firewall blocks the sites, so office drones rejoice! Both of these sites are also blocked in certain countries –notably China – so Hola can help you access them while traveling. Note: breaking the law in a foreign country is generally a bad idea, and we’re not responsible for anything you do.

Creating Your Own Unblocker Script

The number of sites unblocked is currently quite limited, but advanced users can add more. Just click the “I’m Smart” link in the Hola settings, and check out this GitHub page for instructions. Be warned: this is mainly ideal for advanced users. Don’t be too nervous, however: it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m a hockey nerd, and I was able to quickly make a script for bypassing NHL Gamecenter blackouts based on code I found on GitHub:

access region blocked content

Add my NHL script to Hola here, if you’re interested. Subscription required, of course, and you’ll need Hola installed in order to use the link. It basically routes all NHL.com traffic through Spain; tweak a little and you’ll get the hang of making your own. Currently you can only route requests through three countries: the US, the UK and Spain.

Android users probably don’t want to type code on their device. Don’t worry, just create the script on your computer, then send the link to your Android device using the provided share link. It works, regardless of what browser you use on Android. Note that you may need to turn off location services for this to work on Android – certain apps check your location via the device settings before checking GeoIP.

The flexibility to create your own unblockers really gives Hola an edge over the alternatives – there’s no need to wait for someone else to unblock a site you love. That said, there are limitations: I would like to create another script for CBC.ca, but sadly there is no Canadian server to route traffic through at the moment. Someday, hopefully.

Hola As A Web Accelerator

Bypassing blocks isn’t all Hola is good for – it also promotes itself as a website accelerator on Windows and Android. Here’s their demonstration, on an Android phone:

I can’t so I noticed much of a different personally, but my connection is relatively fast to begin with. Let us know if this improves your speed in the comments below.

Download Hola Unblocker

Ready to get started? Just head to Hola.org. You’ll find multiple versions there for most platforms (though nothing for iOS – Apple presumably won’t allow them into the App Store).

What are you using Hola to unblock? Let us know in the comments below, along with any custom scripts you maybe have written. Seriously,share your scripts. There don’t seem to be many floating around the web at the moment, which is too bad.

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Rajdeepak Singh

great app:)


achyut reddy

OMG!! this is so much easier to use than changing vpn settings



Could you write a step by step tutorial on how we can write our own scripts?


+1 for this! I would like to be able to bring back the working iPlayer even if Hola n longer support it.


hmm…previous post didn’t work!
That was easy here is the iPlayer script.

hola (dot) org/share?sid=2846f66caeb94d11


Thank you


Rajaa Chowdhury

I am very happy and satisfied with the utility of CyberGhost VPN which I have downloaded from MUO rewards for this same purpose. So I will give this one a skip. :)

Rajaa Chowdhury

Besides I need such utility only on my Desktop PC and not on my phone, so doesn’t apply for me.


Junil Maharjan

i’ve been using hola unblocker for some time now and it is a great tool.


Sri Vastav Reddy

but cyber ghost works like Charm…



Thanks, will definitely try it out on my phone. I use cyberghost on my PC so I’m very content in that department :)


Dan Rail

Works great Justin! I checked out their Github page and wrote a script. It says there that they support about 15 countries now (including Canada!).

Justin Pot

There’s Canada now? Interesting…



how can i add scripts to hola ….
iam using firefox version

Justin Pot

Just head to Hola’s settings…you can’t miss it!



Amen. Something I have been waiting for a long time. Living outside the US sucks when it comes to the internet. Living 10 mins for the beach with sun… priceless

Justin Pot

Stay where you are and bypass everything!


Victor Ong

Will this work behind the Great Firewall of China?

Justin Pot

I imagine that, if it did at some point, it’s blocked now. China’s pretty quick about disabling services like this…but you never know.


Ubbla Hubba

Liks like simple json, you don’t haft to be smart for that..

Justin Pot

Yeah, it’s not hard at all. I mean, /I/ was able to do it, and that’s an extremely low bar. But some people get freaked out at the sight of something the looks like code…



Before you use Hola, you might want to read some of the terms and conditions of the EULA, such as:

Automatic Uploading and Caching

The Software accelerates loading of files among other means by enabling your computer to grab pieces of files from other Hola users simultaneously. Your use of the Software to download files will, in turn, enable other users to download pieces of those files from you, thereby maximizing download speeds for all users. You consent to other users’ use of your network connection and resources in return for your potential use of other people’s resources to assist you. Typically Hola will not enable use of your resources unless they are idle. Hola will also cache information on your hard drive for future use.



I use ULTRASURF. It is faster and is a lightweight application.
The link:http://ultrasurf.us/


Ash Nallawalla

“Just head to Hola’s settings…you can’t miss it!”

Unfortunately, I can’t find these settings in Firefox. The icon is enabled and I can see the preloaded ones, but nothing resembling “settings”. Even the Hola FAQ happily says that new scripts can be written, but nothing that says, “Here is how a newbie can find a script and add it.”

Justin P

You’ll find setting for Firefox extensions, including Hola, in the Add-Ons section of Firefox. Find Hola there, then click “Preferences”.



If you’re looking at purchasing NHL Gamecenter, switch Hola’s settings to the UK and you get the international rate of $99.95 USD rather than $159.95 USD.



Any chance that i can find something similar but to bypass the geoip restriction on my xbox360 i got active subscription but i cannot do anything on it because i moved in a region where Xbox Live is not supported.

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